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  1. True Lemon is awesome. I use all their products, the citrus powders, the fruity drink mixes, the seasoning blends. Good stuff.
  2. This made me laugh a lot, possibly more than it deserves: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ch2fGboubcX/?igshid=N2NmMDY0OWE%3D
  3. I especially love Geddy’s live vocals, because in the studio he tended to sacrifice passion for precision, but in live performances his voice had a little bit of a mind of its own and a passion that really moves me would come through.
  4. <——— Alex pretty much the whole time. And me, too!
  6. They were probably playing those songs in some unfinished form that they were expecting to improve upon. Who knows. Probably not even Geddy and Alex remember the full story at this point.
  7. WIth Neil, Geddy and Alex always wrote music independently of the lyrics, then worked on fitting the lyrics Neil had given them into the music they had written. So I would guess the songs were ones that Geddy and Alex had already worked on musically while expecting that John would be providing lyrics in time to record.
  8. Right? I used to have access to SOCN and this thread is reminding me why I asked for it to be removed.
  9. Wouldn’t that be great? I’ve been dreaming of that for years!
  10. I really like that interpretation of Dust In The Wind. I suppose it says something about me that I've never liked the song because I heard it as an existential lament and never picked up on an element of hope. I may hear it differently now. That might not change my regard for the song but I like the idea of trying a new way of listening to it when it comes on the radio instead of instantly turning it off. Wish You Were Here I never heard as an existential lament but always very face-value as a song of missing someone precious who is lost. It's a song that reminds me very strongly of a particular difficult time in my life, but in a comforting way. Wish You Were Here the album is the only Pink Floyd album I ever really connected with. I still love it. I don't particularly care for Welcome To The Machine and Have A Cigar as songs by themselves but Wish You Were Here might possibly be #1 on my all-time list of albums that demand start-to-finish listening to be honoured and savoured properly. Tangentially relevant: Pink Floyd did the song Time, which is the only song I disliked even more when I was a kid than Dust In The Wind for the feeling of existential dread it gave me. Dust In The Wind is positively sunny and cheery compared to that one!
  11. Hmmm. “Positive and uplifting” is an interesting take on Dust In The Wind. Is that a bit of a glass half-full/glass half-empty thing?
  12. 73, thank you as always for your diligent work at keeping our community running!
  13. Welcome to the forum! Don't worry too much about the warning points. As long as you are civil and do unto others as you would have them do unto you, you will be just fine :yes:
  14. I wrote to Lorraine regularly during the time that she was ill. She answered when she could. I keep tripping over a thought of "Oh, I should send Lorraine a message today". She can no longer answer, but I still keep wanting to do it. Music brought us all together, so I'm making a "Lorraine mix" playlist to celebrate her, and I'd love to include suggestions from other friends that miss her. If you are of a mind, please contribute!
  15. It’s at least as much to do with his work and his skills as it is his personality and how he handled himself around both fans and fellow musicians of all ages and stages in life. He was loved because he was so loving of others. I think in comparison to Neil, who was influential but not a social butterfly, Taylor and Dave had become the face of rock music at a time it needed positive personalities. Twitter and the Oscars can be bleak if searching for the best humanity has to offer. So true! Taylor was a skilled drummer, but I think a lot of the accolades are more about his enthusiasm, commitment, and his being an all-around good guy than about his technical drumming prowess. It’s just too sad for words to think that such a joy-bringer was in the kind of pain that leads to medicating to early death.
  16. Agreed. Folks are being awfully hard on Phil. And the guy has been a performer for 50 years, maybe he also wanted to give himself a last farewell to that part of his life.
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