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  1. I never really got into Bowie until Phish did Ziggy Stardust as their musical costume on Halloween night 2016. Been hooked ever since.
  2. Umphrey's McGee - January 18th-19th in Cincinnati Winter Werk Out Music Festival - February 1st-2nd in Columbus The Musical Box - March 14th in Cleveland Joe Russo's Almost Dead - March 16th in Cleveland Umphrey's McGee - March 23rd in Cleveland Elton John - October 25th in Indianapolis
  3. Oh they're wonderful. I saw them in Cleveland back in March and they did a recreation of the Selling England By The Pound tour show.
  4. It's a no from me, chief. Last year had some damn good releases (Fleet Foxes "Electric Lady Session" being my favorite) but this year...meh. Was kind of hoping for something different from the Grateful Dead camp other than that MONSTER Playing in the Band, but beggars can't be choosers.
  5. Man, talk about hell in a hand basket. I'm a janitor and this makes me recoil in shock. Always remind yourself to keep the scene clean. There's no excuse for you to dump your trash wherever you want. Whether you're in a 75,000 seat stadium or out for a walk in the woods, don't f***ing litter. Then again, I'm coming from the prospective of some fan bases (Grateful Dead, Phish, etc.) that have a large part of the community take part in the clean up after concerts. I actually helped the Wharf Rats clean up after the Noblesville show after Shakedown Street had packed up. I even got to volunteer at the same place after Dave Matthews' shows back in July. Just remember, if people do this out in public without shame, they do it in private. Imagine what their homes look like if they can't even pick up a f***ing beer can out in public.
  6. Nice. I made it to Raleigh and both Lockn shows this year. Raleigh was good. Sat night Lockn just wasn't clicking. Sun night Lockn much better. After Noblesville, we were really considering getting in the car and going to Atlanta and Raleigh. Really wish we had done that, as I could have made the drive home on that Sunday (and been massively unproductive at work). Always follow the circus when it comes to town!
  7. I've only just been hearing criticism about it in the last two years or so. The only song on SEBTP I can just NOT get into is Battle of Epping Forest. It just sounds off and really drags on. The placement of it is really bad too, being between More Fool Me and After The Ordeal. I think they could have left it off and it would be the best Peter Gabriel-era LPs.
  8. You are exactly right. I don’t think anyone in this thread really cares about how much money he has. I also don’t think anyone in here actually wishes him financial ruin just to see another Rush gig. I don't think anyone HERE cares how much money he has, but I do believe there are many Rush fans out there who would drop everything to buy tickets to another show for any reason. I would hope no one, especially here, would wish financial hardship on anyone for any reason, famous musician or not. But there are bound to be folks out there who would love for it to happen JUST to say they got to see them for 150th time.
  9. TRF Friends- Cute GF Oracle! Taking her out to see THE DEAD, eh? I have slowly gotten her into them. I think she went mostly to see John Mayer, who she is infatuated with. Regardless, she really loved the shows we went to this year (Cincinnati, Noblesville, Cuyahoga Falls). Can't wait for the next show!
  10. Resonance Festival - Thornville, OH 9/21-9/23 Phil Collins - Cleveland, OH 10/18 Phil Collins - Columbus, OH 10/19 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd tribute) - Columbus, OH 10/20 ekoostik hookah - Columbus, OH 10/26 (Hookahween!) The Werks w/ Hyryder - Covington, KY 10/27 (Werkaween!) Sons of Cream - Cincinnati, OH 11/16 Pink Talking Fish - Columbus, OH 11/30-12/1 Tentatively looking at getting tickets for Leftover Salmon in March and maybe Paul McCartney tickets for next June in Lexington.
  11. Me and my wonderfully beautiful girlfriend during one of our three (and her first!) Dead & Company show at Riverbend this past June. Believe it or not, she hates having her picture taken and I got her at just the right moment (I believe during They Love Each Other)!
  12. Who really cares about how much the dude has? The guy can live comfortably and nothing else really matters beyond that. People hoping that his personal finances get in bad shape so that he HAS to do another tour are the worst kind of people.
  13. A more intelligent drummer than most. At least he knows to swallow his spit instead of letting it seep out the edges of his mouth. So, in the drumming world, he's a philosopher in that regard.
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