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At home it rotates, right now it's the Ibanez FPGM, which I forgot to say the color (black w/ pink f-holes). the RG320QM has become the live staple, since she never goes out of tune or break strings and bring the Hamer as my backup. I bought the PRS because of Lerxst, damn him...a little more info in the PRS - it's a sunburst 24 fret with bird inlays and a hardtail, all in gold hardware with locking tuners. Bought it off ebay for 2 grand like 4 years ago, just cause Alex was playing PRS at the time, instead of rotating between PRS, Gibson & Fender. Had enough whammy bar guitars so I grabbed the hardtail, just like the Parker Fly standard.


Hey, I'm bored! Here's the guitars i've gotten rid of....


1. Memphis Strat, white w/ white pickguard and maple neck - wrong to get rid of it


2. Charvel in red with one humbucker and Kahler flcrum whammy - ugh!


3. Kramer focus 6000 in black with Floyd Rose - traded for the orange Ibanez


4. Recently, an Ibanez PF200 in sunburst that would not stay in tune, so I took everything off of it, kept the neck, threw the body away...figure I have back up parts for my other PF200 (the one I used to play 2112 in concert with...heh heh...) biggrin.gif

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I see if I can do a full pic tomorrow, but it was a limited edition from fender last year...I was buying the 5 string Ibanez bass when I saw it at Guitar Center and I figured, for $350, what the hell...I didn't have a Strat so grab it. Basically, they took a Strat, in my case White w/ white pickguard, and threw several shades of blue paint at it while the body was spinning to produce the effect. They did a surf green with red and yellow paint that was just fugly so I went for the blue one.... biggrin.gif Edited by Jack Secret
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As of now Im playing on a CRATE FXT120 for all my electric work we play, has 16 built in effects which dont really sound all that bad(I was suprised when I first played it)


For the acoustic stuff I use a Ibanez Tone Blaster 15, which has alot of balls for accoustic music and works with a drummer too.



The Gear:


Applause acoustic-electric Model AE28 Cutaway shallow back. Has a great tone.

Ibanez Jet King II in Brown Sunburst

Washburn Spirit '57 Les Paul style, with a geat cruch on the bottom espically with 12 guage strings



Tascam 414MK2 4track with 2 input jacks for 2 track recording at one time, but i have a adapter so i can record 2 mikes on 1 track.

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im Trying to post the pictures of my gear to the forum, but i wont let me, can anyone help me


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Alex's white guitar is a 355 not a 335. The 355 has stereo output, Vari-Tone switch, block inlay (starting at the 1st fret), body and headstock binding, and diamond inlay on the headstock. A 335 has dot or block inlay (starting at the 3rd fret), body binding, and a shield inlay on the headstock.


Gibson does still make 355s and 335s, but the closest to Alex's you'll find is the 345. It has parallelogram inlay starting on the 3rd fret.


Sounds like the black guitar you are referring to is not a Fender but a Paul Reed Smith CE-24. That is his main guitar. A Paul Reed Smith is kind of a combination Strat and Les Paul hybrid. A Les-o-caster if you will. Best of both worlds.

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I have a Schecter Terry Corso model. I changed the pick ups to a DiMarzio PAF PRO in the bridge and a DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell in the neck. That's it for electric. I also have an Ibanez Ergodyne bass. I'm not a bass player, so I don't know wether this is a good bass or not. Nowadays all my money goes to buying studio equipment.


I play the guitar trough a POD and also through a Behringer Bass V-amp Pro.


I also have an old Charvel acoustic.

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About time I posted these...


Here's most of my gear, minus my Gibson Les Paul, which a friend is borrowing. Please excuse the messy office, and ignore the printer on top of the rack (HP Photosmart 1115). tongue.gif







My Marshall stack! laugh.gif The larger one is a JCM 900 50w 2x12 combo, made in 1997. It sounds like a Marshall.







The rack. Nothing too fancy in there, mostly inexpensive units that get the job done. I don't use the EQ unless I'm looking for an unusual tone. The compressor is used only for volume boosts with almost no actual compression going on. The Midi- and MicroVerbs are just for delays and chorusing.







This is a "homemade" unit. Behind that panel are three converted stomp boxes: An MXR Noise Gate (disconnected, but I made the LED stay on for looks wink.gif), a Boss CE-1 Chorus (also disconnected), and an MXR Flanger (still working). I made that front panel at my old aerospace job.




A friend of mine came up with the name of this unit. tongue.gif







This is what controls all that. No MIDI there. All seperate footswitches. That's another aerospace project, made completely from scratch, and built like a brick shithouse. Note the airplane connector on the back side.







Guitars! A Gibson L-42 (not 100% sure about that model #). It was made in the 1940s and given to me by my grandfather. It's not a prized collectable but it plays real nice. In the background in a cheap Peavey fretless bass. I bought it just for fun.







My main guitar, A 1991 Fender American Strat. 22 frets, and a Seymour Duncan Stack in the bridge position.







The missing Gibson Les Paul. Made in 1982. Love the color. Also equipped with two Duncan pickups (Jeff Beck in the bridge, '59 in the neck).



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American Fender Strat with 2 Seymore Duncan Super Distortion Humbuckers on the neck and bridge with chrome bracings around them (for those in the know, it is an identical set up to Iron Maiden's Dave Murray's old setup that he used until he switched over to the Hot Rails).


An Epiphone SG tuned down to C# to play the old Black Sabbath tunes.






Line 6 Flextone III 2x12





Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass

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Fender Strat- Seymour Duncan Classic Stack pickups, Callaham bridge



Ibanez S470- Dimarzio Super Distortion and Air Norton pickups, Original Floyd Rose



Epiphone SG- Duncan Distortion and Kent Armstrong Vintage pickups, Gibson TP-6 tailpiece



Dillion DR500T (PRS copy)- Dimarzio Tone Zone and Golden Age Vintage pickups, Planet Waves locking tuners, getting a Floyd Rose transplant soon.



Epiphon Sheraton II- Duncan Custom Custom pickup



SX Jazz Bass and Alesis QS6.1 synth



Vox Valvetronix AD120VTH, VC12 foot controller, & Marshall 4x12 cabinet wired in stereo




Group shot.



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Hey all!


I'm a newbie here. have posted in MMM and thought i'd share in this forum as well.


Ive beenn playing guitar/Bass for 27 years and have been in a variety of bands, mainly Beatles or Rush influenced. Checkout my other posts if you desire to.


I C/P this repsonse from the MMM board, so please forgive me if you've read it b4, but thought it belonged here too. Aound my college years i built an exact copy of Alex' "Hentor" inspired candy apple red strat for use in my college then Rush copy band "Afterimage" 20 years ago (...ugghh). At the time, I didn't really care for the mirror pickguard that Alex used (it kept blinding people, including the soundman...lol), so i went with a stock black one. Ive since parted with it. My friends brother owns the guitar now and has had it for the past 18 years or so...perhaps i should give him a call..i miss it..lol.


As for my "collection," it as modified over the years. At one time (in college) I had 12, as I was in a Rush copy band and a Beatles copy band at the same time. I had a Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (forget the year, 60's) and a 1963 Tennesean, made a strat to look like george harrison's psychodelic one, a Rickenbacker 320 which was modified to look like john's rick 325 with the Dearmond toaster p/u's and the Bigsby B-5 vibrato (the vintage series werent available yet), the "hentor" candy apple strat, a piezo-equipted Martin d-00028 acoustic (which i hated), a spanish made classical I picked up while in Spain..etc..etc..blah blah..lol.


I also did/do alot of orchestral work as well, playing guitar in a big band, being part if a road show for plays such as "Guys and Dolls" and "Fiddler in the Roof" and so on, so i had some other instruments fitting that purpose.


Later I settled into the assembling and modifying intruments to my needs. Name brands mattered very little as long as they body and neck were in good playable shape. I decided to delve into electronics and study up on how guitars work. Around that time is when i found my love - my 1990 flip flop pearl white Signature Aurora (SSS), one of the last one's made. I had it worked on by and signed by Rod Evans (the maker of Evans pickups) when he modified it to be as Alex' white Aurora was. This was purchased AFTER the company whent out of business and was part of NOS (new old stock). In the process of learning more than i thought i could about electronics (alot from my dad and the rest from Rod) I befriended alot of people who were responsible for Signatures. Thats's when i happened across the last two peices of a guitar left in the factory - a midnight blue metallic Oracle body (HSH) and a non matching but stunning highly flamed maple Transparent Red neck with ebony fingerboard (they all had ebony fingerboards). I obtained the needed parts (thru exclusive connections) and assembled it to the factory specs. I did not modify this one electronincally. I also own an equally rare transparent red Signature Excalibur Bass. These are my two main guitars and I LOVE THEM and will never part with them. wub.gif


So now I'm in a Christian rock band and own an assortment of guitars once again..lol. All these guitars have been modified to one extent or another: the two Sigs, the Sig Excalibur bass, a first genersation Ibanez AF75BS jazz style (no tremolo), a butterscotch blonde Telecaster, a beautiful blonde (no, not a woman) Takamine EG523SC acoustic/electric, a stunning birdseye maple topped Songbird Ovation copy acoustic/electric. As for amps it's kinda complicated, but im running two stereo systems (one using a 1979 Roland JC 120, the other a Behringer Ultratwin GX212 pushing an additional custom 2x12 cab I built for it) each with their own effects racks, controlled by a custom switching board that i built that combines and selects the amp(s) and effects that i want or desire to combine at will. I also built a guitar selector (since we have no roadies) that allows me to keep the guitars tuned, ready and plugged in (the ones with batteries have a detent switch inline toprevent drawing power when im not using them) with having to unplug or be hassled when it comes time to switch. I use 2 Rane SM26B mixers (used extemsively by Alex himself) to combine, level and split signals to the house and another one for my rack's backline level. I LOVE THAT MIXER!!! wub.gif


Since space is a premium at most of our venues, my effects are rather stripped down and consolidated, but quite versitle and powerful. Into my switching/combination system goes: a RP2000 for one stereo side, and two Gallien Krueger 2000CPL's for the other stereo side. I run their outputs via one Rane mixer to an old (but VERY faithful) Digitech DSP-128, for ambient delay/echo/repeats and then to another Rane to (where the "dry" outputs from RP2000 and the GK's is mixed again) which goes to the house soundboard.


I think that's it...



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Les paul Special faded cherry(bob marley knockoff)

Les Paul standard amber Double cut

Fender Deluxe tube amp with four tens

Fender hot rod tube Single twelve

Effects: Marshall Blues breaker

Cry baby wah

Envelope filter

chorus pedal

6 string d-50 american Guild

Fender SFX2 acoustic amp


Thats it for me

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QUOTE (CygnusX-1Bk2 @ Sep 17 2004, 01:25 AM)
What are you playing on these days?

My arsenal currently:

2 Epiphone Les Pauls in a honeyburst finish, one has a really nice flametop and the other has DiMarzio pickups. When I met Les himself he confessed to preferring some Epiphones to Gibsons when I showed him some catalogs of both.
Epiphone Sheraton II (Natural finish)
Fender Squire Stratocaster (another well spent $200, when Squire's were decent, same color as my J Bass)
Washburn W 240 12 string acoustic (a bargain at $120)
I also use my dad's Martin D-18 from the 50's that I have "on loan" indefinitely.

Fender Sidekick 15 open back combo
Fender Sidekick 15R closed back, ported combo
Fender Princeton 112 combo
Electar (Epiphone) Tube 30 combo
Line 6 POD 2.0 amp modeler

MXR Distortion + (Original issue)
Boss Acoustic Simulator
Ibanez Multi Effects rack unit (analog compressor, phaser, overdrive, Stereo Chorus/Flanger and loop)
DigiTech TSR 12 digital effects processor
DOD Wah/Volume

Mines pretty close to yours, its an Epipgone Les Paul Gibson honey burst, same pickups 2

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I've been playing guitar and bass for about 15 years, unfortunately not a lot of live gig experience due to having a totally craptastic music scene where I am, but I guess I learned how to make do... anyway here's what I have been using...


Main guitar is a 1998 Ibanez RG470. It's on its second Floyd Rose (because I broke ONE STRING SADDLE and nobody, from Ibanez dealers to eBay to junk shops to everyone in between couldn't sell me ONE STRING SADDLE so I ended up having to buy a whole new trem), and it's been upgraded with locking tuners and I've removed the locking nut. Once it's set up properly it can take being tuned here and there from the tuners (believe it or not) and it doesn't come out of tune. At this point I'd give anything to ditch it and get a Variax 700, but the money isn't happening at the moment.


For many years I played through a Korg/ToneWorks AX300G and it did literally everything I ever could've wanted. The unit did so much neat stuff, you just had to know how to program it. It had a truly fat, full, meaty sound to it and the distortions were second-to-none for a floor processor. I even got a lot of good DI tones from it even though this was before amp/cab modelers.


Last year I attempted to set up a system with my notebook computer, Native Instruments Guitar Rig, and a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI footcontroller. I really liked the flexibility - WHEN IT WORKED - and all told I spent a lot of money and I wasn't happy at all with the results. I ended up having my father (who likes little projects like this) build me a nice wooden case for the entire thing; mounted the FCB1010 to it, held a small Behinger mixer, a rack space in which I stored a Behringer Composer ProXL Comp/Limiter (oh, the things you'll do when the tone doesn't sit right), but it was about 100 pounds, awkward to carry, and the setup time was a nightmare and nothing ever sounded right anyway. I ran it (and the Korg before it) through a Fender Ultra Chorus 2x65w stereo combo, but recently got rid of the amp because I wasn't playing out much anymore and modeling technology is getting nice these days anyway. I have a Marshall Valvestate 100W mono amp (with a 12AX7 in the preamp stage!) for those few times there's another human around. I still use Guitar Rig a bit just as an effect in a DAW if I really want to futz with tone, but...


Two weeks ago I bought a Line6 PODxt Live and I am absolutely infatuated with it. I can't even begin to rave about this thing, I don't know where to start. Nothing is perfect, but this thing is the pinnacle of technology out there right now. In addition to being technically amazing, it's also a very solid floor unit, and one thing I really like about it is, the one expression pedal on it is a switchable wah/volume. Use it as a volume pedal until you need the wah, then put it forward all the way and step hard on it (like you were turning on a traditional wah) and it switches over to the wah mode. Switch it off when you're done and it's back to being a volume pedal. It can also be set up to act as an expression controller for *any* parameter in *any* effect or model on the processor. So, say, you have a Boss DM-2 (delay) set up, you can actually assign the pedal to delay time, and rock it back and forth between 10ms and 2 seconds delay time, and you get all those ultra-fat sweeping tones as the delay time changes. (I use this particular example because it's not something you'd ever do, which is the point about its flexibility.) It's absolutely sick. In fact about the only thing it doesn't emulate is a Digitech Whammy pedal, but that's more of a curiosity with me than a necessity.


Oh also, for you computer-recording freaks out there, the unit has a USB2 connector which not only lets you edit patches (in real time - try it while someone else is playing through the unit, you'll freak them out!), but functions as a low-latency, ASIO-2-compliant, full-duplex 48k/24bit freakin' SOUND CARD. You can record straight from it, or the trick I like is, load up some practice mp3s in Winamp and set the sound card to the POD and it sends music through it, and you can play along and it all comes through the POD's headphone jack. Asbolutely amazing. Full MIDI in/out, though I can't imagine ever using it with all the other options available to me.


I play some bass too; I have a Fender Bassman 100 combo but I think I'm going to ditch it and start going through the PA if I ever play out with it, after I adapt some presets on the PODxt Live for bass. My one and only bass is a '94 Ibanez SR506 6-string bass... it was black with gold hardware, but the original owner got brave one day, stripped the paint, and put a nice dark finish on it... and this was all a few years before Ibanez started making natural-finish basses. I always get compliments on it. Now if people only concentrated on the playing we'd be getting somewhere :-).


I don't have a particular affinity to Ibanez products; I got the bass second hand and I started playing Ibanez guitars because there was a point where I thought I was John Petrucci (guess what? I was wrong!). They do offer fair quality at a fair price, but God help you if you ever need parts for one of their Korean-made products. I'd like to own a Floyd Rose Fat Strat but most strats without a Floyd go out of tune when you look at them. (Maybe not the American Strats but I can't afford a $1500 guitar right now.) I'd also love to get some hands-on time with a Floyd Rose Discovery, because it seems like a really neat concept but I don't think I'd order one without getting my hands on one first.


Honestly, my next guitar will very likely be a Schechter. I have a friend who has two S1+'s and he's very happy with them. They finally offer a Schechter with a non-fixed bridge (can you tell I play a lot of Rush in my spare time?) which was the reason I hadn't gotten one yet. Good, solid guitars with great sound and what seems like a good, American-based company behind them.


Of course, doing more recording than playing out, I am absolutely drooling over the Line6 Variax guitars (especially the acoustic one... jesus what technology!). I may have to start playing the Lottery because even if I could free up maybe 5 grand I'm telling you, it would all go to Variaxes.

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I have a couple new additions so I figured I'd post them.


First is a Squier Tele. I got it cheap and installed a Graph Tech Piezo system on it to cover acoustic sounds. It sounds awesome.




Second was an impulse buy on Ebay. A Wolf 540TM. Incredibly accurate Les Paul copy. It sounds and plays fantastic. There's nothing on this one that I would change.





The complete harem:


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