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  1. I met Eddie at NAMM a couple years ago. Douche... He was trying to blow Portnoy. Figuratively speaking.
  2. The Enquirer has been right about many stories and scandals including Bill Cosby, Rush Limbaugh drug addiction, Steve Jobs diagnosis, OJ's shoes, John Edwards, Gary Hart, etc as well as other celebrity deaths including MJ before anyone else. There are many ways to prove them wrong but no one has. The Daily Mail has picked up the story. There are plenty of reports that this was not an overdose or suicide. There are "inner" circle people that knew this was coming. This is more plausible to me than overdose. How many Prince songs are about f***ing? Seriously? I would venture around 90-95%. He knew this was coming.
  3. Not an overdose clearly stated. The Enquirer story says he was diagnosed with HIV in the 90's which developed into full blown AIDS about 6 months ago. He refused treatment because he felt that his veganism and prayer would cure him. He was addicted to Percocet but that's not what killed him.
  4. Flu like symptoms are symptoms of AIDS. Dude had a LOT of sex with tons of women. Granted he was reportedly revived for opioid overdose on the plane ride, but multiple sources are saying he was diagnosed. That would explain some of his last few public relations whack-a-mole instances earlier this year.
  5. National Enquirer's next cover story is that Prince was diagnosed with AIDS six months ago and refused treatment.
  6. Reports coming in about possibly AIDS related.
  7. Paul Stanley has had 3 hip replacements in total. I always equated Prince to Paul Stanley. Both Purple, both seriously danced in high heels, flamboyant guitar players, etc. I remember seeing Prince for the first time on American Bandstand lip-synching Controversy which had just come out. When I was in high school I worked at a roller rink and Prince was ubiquitous at the time. I think I rebelled against his popularity but couldn't help but recognize his talent and ability. Now I see that he was truly a musical monster with little rival. Dude was flat out amazing. I've got a video game he put out in the mid 90's. Super cheap QuickTime thing but it was very cool. I'll have to boot up an Windows machine and take a look at that thing. Did anyone see the photo of himself that he published earlier this year? It was like a passport photo or something, just out of the blue. I thought that was odd, not the he wasn't odd in general. Seems like he had PR in motion to prove he was still in good health. He was the first artist to have complete artistic control of his records, at the age of 19. That is something in itself. Didn't realize he and Michael Jackson were the same age either. The world is a more interesting place for having Prince Rogers Nelson in it. The world just got a little less interesting.
  8. Why be negative or positive when not merited? Why dwell on either? Rush may not be machines but they gained a reputation for being machine like. Especially Neil. They set a certain standard that they (and many of us) hold themselves to. Perhaps "true" Rush fans have followed the band for decades and find it difficult to accept the aging of their rock star heroes. Alex and Neil openly admit to physical difficulty. Certain songs have been left of setlists because Geddy acknowledges that he cannot sing things they way he used to. Real fans know the ins and outs of the music and when details are glossed over or outright changed they are put under a microscope and debated. That is the entire point to being a fan in the first place. Not to merely sit back and love everything without discrimination. I learned how to be discriminating by listening to Rush. It's part and parcel of the Rush fan experience.
  9. I can do just about anything in ProTools. :) Don't blame ProTools if guys can't play a clean take anymore. Sometimes the best "takes" are made of several passes at a part. For what it's worth the killer Al solo's on Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures are composites of multiple takes most notably Freewill. This was around the time he started doing that. There was no ProTools in 1979, just a good old 24 track tape machine (potentially tied to another 24 track machine). The only difference is it's faster to do it ProTools than it was bouncing track to track on a tape machine.
  10. There is a show here tonight but I am going tomorrow which will be the second show of the tour.
  11. As a drummer who plays a lot of bass and guitar and a bit of keyboards I have to go with guitars because they are the difference maker. Rock and Roll is all about the guitar. There are whole video game franchises based around guitars. There are chain stores built around selling guitars. Sure they sell basses, drums and keyboards too but the place is called Guitar Center. Sure it began as a keyboard place but once the Beatles showed up they became Guitar Center. The Beatles set the standard with 2 guitars, bass and drums. Guitars above all else are the root of rock and roll.
  12. Adding the first Boston album to the list. Also: Eagles: Hotel California One of These Nights Fleetwod Mac: Rumors Fleetwood Mac Ozzy: Blizzard of Ozz Diary of a Madman Police: Outlandos d'Amour Regatta De Blanc Zenyatta Mondatta Ghost in the Machine Synchronicity Steely Dan: Aja Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak Pete Townshend: Empty Glass Dave Brubeck Quartertet: Time Out Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmo's Factory Willy and the Poor Boys
  13. Rush: Hemispheres Permanent Waves Moving Pictures 2112 Power Windows Caress of Steel KISS: KISS Dressed to Kill Alive! Destroyer Rock and Roll Over Beatles: Please Please Me A Hard Day's Night Sgt. Pepper Help Revolver Magical Mystery Tour With the Beatles Abbey Road The Who: Quadrophenia Tommy Who's Next Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden Killers Maiden Japan Number of the Beast Piece of Mind Powerslave Yes: Close To The Edge 90125 Yesshows Fragile Pink Floyd: Animals Wish You Were Here Dark Side of the Moon That's what I can think of now...
  14. He had transplants years ago. 90's/2000's. They didn't stick. He still had a bald spot and you could see the man made line of hair on top. Looks like he's been wearing a piece for a good while now.
  15. I listened to the CDs first then the bluray. I was pleasantly surprised with both. The cymbals on the first kit can get a little lost but that's on the recording end.
  16. Everything is more up front and well defined. The last few have been thin and mushy with too much crowd in the satellites. This one has a good mix top to bottom. The drums are solid, not hollow. Bass and snare drums are punchy and clear. The guitar has nice space when Al's FX are very Al. The bass is also very solid, defined and punchy. The variety of tones of the basses especially comes through very nicely. All the tones really. There's good depth, things don't step on each other. Things aren't EQ'd to death to compensate for hearing damage. It has a more natural sound overall.
  17. Watching the bluray right now for the first time. Easily the best sounding of all of their live releases except maybe ESL. That's saying something. Even the CDs sound great. Dave Botrill is awesome! He fixed VT and now this! Plus the video editing so far is quite tasteful, not quite so frantic as the last couple. Nicely done. Very happy with this one. If this is the last one we get its a good one to go out on. :)
  18. Hey my friend! I hope all is well! God I love Snowy. We need to reconnect. Could you pm me your number. It's been a long time. Earl Indeed! Done! :)
  19. The guitar harmonies of Gilmour and Snowy White on Dogs make me want to play guitar like that. Animals is by far my favorite Floyd album.
  20. Let's see... They rehearse for over a month to do a tour, just to whittle sets down to fit into a three hour show, which they've been doing for 20 years now; they cannot book back to back nights anymore so Geddy's voice can rest and recover. Neil really wants to retire and has chronic elbow pain. Alex is developing arthritis. They've sold the publishing rights to their catalog. I just don't see residency shows happening given what we know about how they prepare to play. I could see them recording then putting that new music on display in a handful of one off shows more so than doing residency dates. I really think that Geddy would go on forever. Alex dealing with arthritis presents the biggest physical issue, having seen Les Paul play in his 80s and 90s with gnarled arthritic fingers as a shadow of his primal self. Alex could not perform in the same way. Neil either. They are at an age when physical ailments worsen. We already went through a period of no Rush and we all survived. This too is survivable. My gut tells me they would never formally announce a retirement which is why we get a 40th anniversary tour in the 41st year. Retirement fund. Everything about this tour including the way Geddy said goodbye, the setlists, the 40 years of goodbyes montage and even the "albums" partying on backstage without the band being invited ("f u c k you puppet!") is indicative of their retiring. "The show's over!..." "Bingo." It's all right there. :)
  21. Nah, triangles have more of a gong quality. More clang than a focused note.
  22. Since I have access to the PW/MP/ESL kit I can positively say that the single crotale was mounted on a bass drum hoop mounted L arm stand made by Ludwig in the 60s/70s.
  23. Hell yeah buddy! I can't stop thinking about that LA Forum show. 60 shows is nothing man in the big spectrum of Rush but man my last show was the greatest show I have ever seen. EVER If they play in New York or Toronto some year I will be there for all shows. Come Hell or High Water. I don't give a shit. Forever RUSH RUSH IS FOREVER! I am at 60 shows myself. Indeed just a drop in the bucket...
  24. Watcher of the Skies was played before the first set of the 3 shows I went and also I Know What I Like before the second set. Lots of old Tull, Kansas and Yes too.
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