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  1. Ok, here we go now! Here is the VIDEO of the show. It took me forever to download and now UPLOAD it. Again, this is only available for 7 days or 25 downloads so hurry! http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=06AM2IZ...8I0FVZ8IHN53BSK
  2. Those that missed it I recorded the sudio and uploaded it. Those that want it, here it is! http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=37B0SXJ...U8204M0XE2H6HWI
  3. Atom Heart is fantastic. But to hear how they used to do it live, with Gilmour and Wright doing the vocal harmonies instead of the choir, is even better.
  4. Thank you very much! Look forward to talking with you guyzos!
  5. Well, hello all! I'm new here but I knew there HAD to be a Floyd thread in here! Allow me to put in my 2 cents... I have been with Floyd for a little less than 20 years. One of the most influential bands to me. I too collected Floyd bootlegs ranging from a few recording live with Syd all the way to The Division Bell tour. I was able to covert some from cassette to computer. Unfortunately some didn't survive the years (The Journey, The Wall Rehearsals). But I saved some of the most obscure (live performances of Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast, Echoes with the original lyrics, Marooned performed in Dallas TX, You Gotta Be Crazy) along with the standards (The KQED & Fillmore performances, Eclipse Suite). Anyways, Floyd were the reason for me to pick up guitar. I learned my chords reading a Floyd guitar book. Gilmours style was forever burned into mine. Now when my band plays or rehearses, we play a LOT of Floyd. Green is the Colour, Cymbaline, The Nile Song, Young Lust, Astronomy Domine, The Gold It's In The... As you can see, I too am a big fan pre-Dark Side. I almost NEVER listen to the "big" ones. The only ones that can hold my interest are Animals and Final Cut. By the way, bringing up Ummagumma again, I read in the book "Saucerful of Secrets" that each member had half an album to do what they wanted AND THEY COULDN'T GET HELP FROM THE OTHER MEMBERS. So if they wanted other instruments in their songs they had to do it themselves. In there it stated that Gilmour needed help writing lyrics to The Narrow Way and Roger told him DO IT YOURSELF!
  6. "They sat a while in silence Then they turned at last to me. WE WILL CALL YOU CYGNUS THE GOD OF BALANCE YOU SHALL BE". Hemispheres That has to be the best surprise ending to a song I have ever heard. A fantastic ending to an incredible epic.
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