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Overall Favorite Rush Album


What is your favorite Rush studio album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Rush studio album?

    • Rush (Original Album)
    • Fly By Night
    • Caress of Steel
    • 2112
    • A Farewell to Kings
    • Hemispheres
    • Permanent Waves
    • Moving Pictures
    • Signals
    • Grace Under Pressure
    • Power Windows
    • Hold Your Fire
    • Presto
    • Roll the Bones
    • Counterparts
    • Test For Echo
    • Vapor Trails
    • Feedback

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QUOTE (Itty12 @ Sep 13 2010, 10:43 PM)
I have to say Presto! I don't find ANYTHING on that album that i would change.

Dude, it's one of my favorites, but not even War Paint? ohmy.gif


Edit: Hemispheres! We're number two!

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I have voted already, but I don't even remember what I voted confused13.gif Probably Power Windows. HYF and Hemispheres are also my favorites. All very good albums, wouldn't change anything, not even Tai Shan or High Water, I actually love those songs yes.gif Edited by Lamelight
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Well I've been a Rush fan for less than a year, already they're close to knocking Floyd off my top spot of favourite band(they won't though)...and I have to say A Farewell to Kings...but I think Moving Pictures is amazing, and I adore it even much after seeing the whole thing played live last weekend. Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are also incredible
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Overall? Mine's Grace Under Pressure. Followed very closely by Perm Waves.


Don't get me wrong, I really like 2112, Hemi and all that (full disclosure: I've heard very little of the first 3 albums if any at all of COS and enough of TFE and S&A to know I don't dig them) but I tend to prefer Rush after Geddy calmed down and stopped sounding like a cat being swung by it's tail. Hence the early stuff I can only take in very small doses. Thankfully those albums are short. biggrin.gif beathorse.gif

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I wish I could just pick 'all of them'.


At various times in my life they have all occupied fav spot for me.

I have found I love every one of them when it comes out within a play or two.

I just hope they don't call it a day, even if studio albums is all it ends up as in time.

These guys rock, pure & simple.

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MP is my favorite. PrW is 2nd. 2112 is 3rd.
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