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  1. The similarity was such that it sent me back to Rush with full force this week, which has been wonderful :) I finally ordered the R40 blu-ray!
  2. I wish it was real, because it was annoying that they left I Still Love You Man off of the Time Machine Blu-ray, as I went to that tour, and thought it was a great little ending to the show, and want to own it.
  3. QUOTE (Sarge @ May 27 2011, 05:58 AM) My mate framed my signed 2112 album cover along with some tickets & the time machine flyer (the wee one is from the Glasgow Apollo in 1978) http://i56.tinypic.com/2ywaltu.jpg That's awesome man!
  4. Bah, should've sent my Kings vinyl cover to get signed!
  5. Well I've been a Rush fan for less than a year, already they're close to knocking Floyd off my top spot of favourite band(they won't though)...and I have to say A Farewell to Kings...but I think Moving Pictures is amazing, and I adore it even much after seeing the whole thing played live last weekend. Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are also incredible
  6. I posted Part 1 of my video diary going to see Rush and Roger Waters last weekend. Here's part 2 with me going to see The Wall. At the start a busker on the London Underground spots my Time Machine Tour t-shirt and plays a few chords from Tom Sawyer, a pretty fun moment! Part 2 - The Wall Part 3 - The Wall Continued
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86J0rf2kQ2c - Witch Hunt from the SECC And I'm out
  8. Yeah I remember ya man, was cool meeting you, and hearing all the old gigs you barely remember I remember the picture, hopefully it turned out good for them!
  9. I made a little video diary of my "epic journey" to Glasgow from Wales to see Rush last Saturday, and then down to London to see The Wall on Sunday. This is the first part that's up, featuring pretty much all of the clips I filmed, though I have a few more. It's in "HD" if you wanna click to 720p option, but the video isnt amazing or anything. The only song I got in full was Witch Hunt which I'm uploading on its own now. Feel free to skip the filler at the start Rush - Glasgow 14th May 2011 HUGE thanks to Peter for the ticket, you're a legend and a gent man, massively appreciate you sorting me out for my first Rush show! Hopefully, I'm praying it won't be the last. What a show, incredible, and a dream come true to see
  10. Ok so, I didn't realise this was ever a possibility... I'm going to the SECC show in Glasgow this Saturday, and would love my vinyl cover of Farewell to Kings signed. It's obviously too late to send in now...is there any way I could just, y'know, hand it in on the day?
  11. Hey guys, bit of a plea here, I've never managed to make it to a Rush show, and desperately want to see them when they hit the UK in May. Problem is I can't find anything for less than 100 quid on any site, eBay or anywhere else. Basically, I'm looking for ANY UK ticket, any of the gigs, that anyone has spare to sell to me for a reasonable price? I don't really care for where the seats are and I'd be willing to pay more than you paid for them initially, as long as it isn't ridiculous. If all else fails I'll more than likely shell out a silly amount, but I figured I have nothing to lose by appealing here to my fellow Rush heads!
  12. Nice, you've all got some sick collections, I REALLY want Rush and Hemispheres more than anything. My local record shop has a lot of great buys, although all my favourite bands are always under Collectibles and more expensive(80 quid for The Who's Tommy...whaaat) but I found they had a Rush section in the normal section of the shop, and there were loads relatively cheap. They all play pretty nicely too. Mostly between 5 and 10 pounds. Lets just say I'm kind of glad Rush aren't as huge as Pink Floyd and The Who haha, cos those are my other two favourite bands and their records are alot more pricey
  13. Yeah, I'll fess up and say in my first post that it's been about 3 weeks since I actively got into Rush. Not since Floyd have I been so immersed in a band, after watching Beyond The Lighted Stage and falling in love with song after song ever since. Having just gotten a turntable, I've been purchasing many records and immediately seeked out some Rush vinyl. I'm sure there MUST be a thread here about Rush vinyl collections, I can't seem to find one though, so I figured I'd just post? I currently have: Caress Of Steel(UK First Pressing, Deluxe Gatefold) 2112(as above) A Farewell To Kings(as above, though all 3 aren't in amazing condition) All The World's A Stage Exit...Stage Left Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals I have pictures of them all as I have an album up on Facebook of my whole collection, but you've all seen em before. What does everyone else have? I'm really looking for a good copy of Hemispheres(La Villa is my favourite song -so far-) Luke
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