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  1. Except now I have to figure out who I'm going to hate next...
  2. In was in front of an audience. There was a little Danish boy taking a picture as well. I just skimmed through the video. I realize it wasn't an endangered species, but that's just messed up, especially when other zoos were willing to take it off their hands. It's my understanding that 20-30 other animals, mostly goats and pigs, meet the same fate at that zoo each year. Of course, nobody cares about goats and pigs. When humans play god it is generally for profit and boy can they put on a show no matter what the expense. It is so self serving Well it wasn't really "for profit" considering that they got offers to buy the giraffe from other zoos and turned them down.
  3. I think it's normal practice in Denmark. It's a great way of teaching people that lions aren't cute and cuddly Disney figures. Yes it might be too much for young kids, but parents have tremendous possibilities of teaching their kids so many things. Oh, I agree with that. But I think that as a parent, the decision as to when and how I teach things to my kids should be MY decision, rather than being forced into a discussion with my kids because of a news story that happened to be on television, right at the moment we had turned it on. I understand how you feel but the reality is that your kids will learn a lot of things either not taught by you at all or not discussed with you at the time/place of your choosing. Better sooner than later.
  4. This is pretty good posting, but you're no Geddyfan13. Now there was a guy who could offer up some authentic dairyfarm gibberish! It's been a year, two months, and four days. In other words, too long. :sigh:
  5. Just the latest in a series of songs, written for obnoxious prepubescent girls, that have somehow taken off as being exceptionally poorly conceived and executed. Enjoy!
  6. Hey, we share a birthday. Hope you had a good one. :cheers:
  7. Useful things can indeed come out of it, and you are fooling yourself if you don't accept that fact. Over the years, I have seen people open their minds to new ideas and perspectives, even to the extent of radical personal change. Even for people who have been relatively consistent in their views over the years, the practice of going up against other points of view and arguments can serve to make them understand their own positions in a deeper and more nuanced way than before. How else is the world going to meaningfully change for the better, unless it is through communication and exp<b></b>ression of ideas? People who say that political discussions are meaningless hot air which never serve any useful purpose are themselves engaging in bullshit hot air pronouncements. 2 people arguing on the Internet might change each others minds and feel better about themselves but nothing real gets accomplished. Lets say there is a discussion over new health care one for and one against. It's a spirited discussion and both people even learn new things but one is still for and one still against. Nothing changed with new health care. It's an exercise in verbal sparring like these posts. That's my point and my opinion, there are plenty instances where minds are changed in a political discussion. it doesn't happen a whole lot on SOCN because most of those dudes are 50 and pretty much know where they stand on shit, but that doesn't mean it never happens. and who cares if nothing "real" is accomplished? define "real." I mean, damn, the attitudes from some on here, it's like if you aren't talking about van halen or queensryche, there's no point in talking at all! I've changed my opinion on lots of things since joining SOCN. Plus, I feel much more informed about the world. I'm having a hard time explaining. I'm talking about substantive change, not individuals. If its a hobby, have at it. I'm talking about people that feel like some real good comes out of political discussions. Some feel like the world is changing somehow when it is "an exercise in self indulgence" to a great extent. Even this "substantive change" you are talking about only comes through the change of many individuals.
  8. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
  9. Who cares what other people think. I joined when I was 14.
  10. Sexist jokes can be funny sometimes, it's just easy to completely fail or come across as truly being sexist.
  11. Since I am here, I would have to suggest not getting a tattoo.
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