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Your next Concerts?


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Here's what I've got coming up:

*Sasquatch Festival - Gorge Amphitheater - Memorial Day Weekend (The Cure is the only confirmed headliner, full lineup announced a week from tomorrow)

*Rush - Clark County Amphitheater - June 1

*The Police/Elvis Costello - Clark County Amphitheater - July 11 (if my dad is up for it, I think I can talk him into it)

*Radiohead in Seattle sometime in late August, date and venue pending for now

*Probably going to try to go to Bumbershoot in Seattle over Labor Day weekend if the lineup is good.


Edited to update: The Police show is ON.

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We just got three lawn seats for the Police show, and all three of them together, with Ticketmaster fees, cost less than face value for one floor seat. After I got them, I tried to buy floor tickets, just out of curiousity, and the service charge on the $200 seats is $23.00. Each. Disgusting. Edited by PuppetKing2112
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Joe Bonamassa - 1st March


The Fall - 5th March


Stiff Little Fingers - 16th March


Bruce Springsteen - 28th May


I'm sure there'll somebody around in late March and April that I'll go and see, but haven't seen anything that catches my fancy.

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Megadeth... Children of Bodom... completely forget who else is there right now... I think it's April 30th?... no idea where... but I guess I could look it up ha. My friend came to me randomly and said we were going... cool10.gif Then Rush...
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QUOTE (TheRocinanteKid @ Feb 26 2008, 03:30 PM)
Seeing G2, the Genesis tribute band on Saturday night. Should be a good one. I've been told they do a 3 and a half hour show. Hope they play some serious material from W&W.


you should have a good night.....







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Jack Johnson @ Alpine Valley - 6/21/08

2.gif @ Summerfest/Marcus Amphitheater - 6/27/08



June is gonna kick ass.

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Looks like I'm not the only one...RUSH on April 20th and then MAIDEN 1022.gif on May 22nd. Pretty good month.


I'm holding back on all other tickets waiting for the Zeppelin announcement. biggrin.gif

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