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Your next Concerts?


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QUOTE (rotting @ Jul 3 2008, 10:24 AM)
zappa plays zappa - tomorrow .

3rd time seeing this

Nice, I caught that show last summer. Amazing.


Hope ZPZ comes back to Asheville.


Giving some serious thought to trying to squeeze in a Buckethead show next monday during a trip to the in-laws.


After that its the mars volta in september.



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Im seeing carcass , and suffocation in september - which im sure you'll all appreciate .
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judas priest aug 9th

allman brothers aug 13th

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The Scorpions 12th Oct

Rancid 1st Nov

Motorheed (sic) 7th Nov

John Martyn 12th Nov

The Black Keys 14th Nov

The Answer (supporting Black Stone Cherry - why?) 6th Dec


All gigs in Newcastle, and 'she who must not be annoyed' knows all about these gigs. She isn't complaining about the expense - yet!


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Judas Priest, Jackyl, Drowning Pool, and Federation Of Horsepower tomorrow night (August 1st) at the River Market in Kansas City.



Then Motorhead September 7th at The Voodoo Lounge Harras Casino.

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QUOTE (vaportrail @ Jul 31 2008, 01:22 PM)
King Crimson on Saturday and Sunday!! 653.gif

Nice! Like to get a mini-review if you get a few minutes.

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my review from the PT Forum:


I'll just lay it out, two of the best if not the best shows I've ever been too!


The first show had a bit more energy and was overall a bit better (as expected) but both shows were fantastic. I expected Pat & Gavin to be great but they were beyond that, I've never seen two drummers play so well and precise together. Just seeing their three solos were worth the price of admission. The rest of the band was amazing as well, Adrian especially for me brought a great energy to the show along with T-Lev. There were a lot of people whining about how Fripp hid behind is rack, but I have to say I almost liked that better. He played very few solos, and it was clear the stars of the show were the other guys and that's how it was supposed to be.


I'll do a little recap by each member:


Frippy - He was Fripp, no more no less. If you're a Fripp fanatic and have to see him play, sit up front and to the right side of the stage or you won't see him at all.


Adrian - This was my first time seeing Ade and he blew me away. Great playing, great vocals, great energy on stage.


Tony - This was also my first time seeing Tony, and he didn't disappoint. Watching his stick-work was pretty jaw dropping at times. And it was the first time I saw the funk-fingers in action and it was great seeing one of the all time greats live.


Pat & Gavin - I would say for the most part they were the stars of the shows. Incredible musicianship between the two. What I really liked was that Pat wasn't overshadowed by Gavin as I felt he was at times with Bruford. Each of them had their turns in playing something that blew your mind. But what was really amazing was they synchronization, how everything they played either together or off of each other fit perfectly. For Gavin, this was the best I've ever seen him play. If you think his playing is great with PT, it looks subdued and simple compared to what he pulled off for the Crimson shows. It was really the first time I saw him where he really showed what he could do, as opposed to the small little fills he does during some PT stuff. I hope they continue to tour after this because to me he almost sounds more at home with Crimson than PT.



As for the crowd, it was surprisingly diverse. Not as many bearded, smelly prog-nerds as one might expect. Quite a few younger people and yes.......even girls! Lots of them! Grin I saw a few PT shirts, quite a few Tool shirts, so I'd say that's where most of the young people came from.


Overall, the shows were amazing, and I wish I could go see them again tonight. Everyone who still gets to see them you are in for an absolute treat!

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Donated blood last weekend for KLOS radio's blood drive (I had signed up before I knew they were sponsoring) and got a free lawn ticket for Judas Priest/Black Sabbath/Motorhead/Testament on Aug 30th.
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Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Motorhead, Testament

tomorrow nite! 1022.gif

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I've now got a finalised(ish) list of gigs for the next 6 months;


The Hold Steady - Bristol Anson Rooms, October 4th

Foals - Bristol Academy, October 13th

Queen + Paul Rodgers - Cardiff International Arena, October 14th

Porcupine Tree - Indig02, October 19th

Fleet Foxes - Bristol Anson Rooms, October 30th

Jools Holland - Bristol Colston Hall, November 2nd

Bryan Adams - Cardiff International Arena, November 3rd

Sigur Ros - Bristol Colston Hall, November 7th

Black Stone Cherry/The Answer - Bristol Academy, December 11th


Thinking of adding British Sea Power, Opeth and Apocalyptica to that list aswell.


I love being a student living near venues.

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