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    Milton Bridge, Scotland
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    Glasgow Rangers, Golf, Beer, Music but most importantly my wife and boy and Girl

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    Newcastle 07
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    Spirit of Radio
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    Permanent Waves
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    My first concert on the Signals Tour.
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    Radiohead, Zepellin, REM,The Streets, The White Stripes, The Delgados
  1. It was excellent- proud to be British.
  2. Yes just found my name on the poster - my wife won't let me put it up though
  3. Great weekend Euro Championships on Tv all weekend and sitting with new Rush album and fan pack - if carlsberg did weekends ........
  4. Just noticed these - Glasgow for sure. My wife's 40 in May next year - promised her a wee weekend in Europe somewhere - don't think she'll appreciate a trip to see Rush though.
  5. Excitement building here too - have had live albums on all day.
  6. Been listening to The King of Limbs over the last week and can now officially state that it is bloody marvelous. That's all.
  7. Got tickets for Glasgow tonight on Planet Rock presale. Now thinking about Newcastle the week after.
  8. Excellent news - Glasgow for me on the 14th and I'm going to see Roger Waters later that week in Manchester.
  9. 19th June Bon jovi London with my mrs 21st June Greenday Glasgow august eels Glasgow And today bought tickets to see roger Watters perform the wall in Manchester in may 2011!!
  10. Sigur Ros are one of my favourite bands. Certainly a much more enjoyable Icelandic export than the recent ash clouds.
  11. The North American Leg is only practice for the real tour!!!
  12. Crowded House Bon Jovi - with my wife!!! Greenday
  13. Absolutely hate these type of programmes but I watched the clip earlier today and thought it was fantastic. Loved the little aside from the Dec the presenter when he says" bet you weren't expecting that".
  14. One of the worst threads yet as there can be no disagreement - Dylan is a genius.
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