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  1. if a band puts seats in a non seated venue then absolutely no one should moan at people for wanting to sit - they are putting seats in so that they can charge ridiculous amounts of money for front row positions - that is so far from rock 'n' roll as you can get rock and roll shows in non-seated venues should be just that, non-seated d
  2. wow what did all us old dudes do before the internet - oh yes - that's right we just bought tickets to see bands we were fans of - good god i despair!!
  3. as someone old enough to have shot film as well as video - can i just knock on the head this idea that somehow people who used to shoot with film didn't understand how long we had to shoot - utterly fk'n ridiculous - if this was the case you would not have had a woodstock film!! i am sure all of esl was captured on film - however they may not have liked what was shot and so may very well have chosen not to release it all - and in the intervening years it may have been scrapped d
  4. QUOTE (canadianice @ Jun 18 2012, 01:45 PM)Comparing the production of Rush albums to Nickleback is totally assinine. why is comparing the mastering of a modern rock album to nickelback assinine? - i think it's actually a very valid point that many people on this very forum have made - i.e. that the album is being mastered to appeal to the modern commercial rock world rather than some audiophile sub section of rush fans? d
  5. QUOTE (ArrowSnake @ Jun 18 2012, 01:41 PM) I'm going to buy Oceania in a couple of days. Heard some good things about it. I love the early Smashing Pumpkins albums. It just annoys me that Jimmy Chamberlin isn't drumming on this album. I love his drumming, he's such an important part of the Pumpkins' sound to me. Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin are The Smashing Pumpkins. Without Chamberlin he should just call it a Billy Corgan solo album. i do entirely get where you are coming from but mike byrne is fantastic in my opinion and has added something new - a youthful energy perhaps? - anyway will wait till you hear it - but i love it
  6. QUOTE (trenken @ Jun 18 2012, 01:06 PM)The Nickelback comment he made was very appropriate. He's just talking about the SOUND, not the songs themselves, and this does sound like a Nickelback album with the safe production style Nick has and heavy guitars. This doesnt sound like some off the wall creative production. It sounds like a regular rock album. well said - i sometimes wonder if people actually bother to read the words before commenting the rs guy was talking about the production not the music - god is that so hard to grasp!!
  7. april 79 glasgow apollo, hemispheres tour - then june 80 again at apollo two of the greatest gigs i have ever been to - (the 80 gig was on exit stage left - glasgow chorus of course ) d
  8. having purchased this on my way to work today - i then sat down with a mug of coffee, and with some artwork to do, and plugged myself in for the day utterly, utterly brilliant, this is what rock albums should be in 2012 rush should bite billy's arm off to do a support slot d
  9. permanent waves - because they at that time were the greatest band in the world
  10. i find all of the negativity to strings quite amazing - i remember being in the front row at the secc when plant and paige toured - it was fk'n awesome - i saw mike oldfield on tour in the 80's with a string section in the apollo glasgow again bloody awesome - neither of those tours were some "dilution" of the artists involved d
  11. s_b_g

    HD Tracks Version

    i have seen a lot of comments on various threads about the sound quality of CA and have seen quite a bit of "muddying" the waters when it comes to discussing it (you see what i did there ) my goal here is just to "try" and explain certain concepts/terminology - (that people are bandying about in various posts at the moment) - in very simplistic terms for those that have no reason to know what they are i.e. the ordinary listener please don't shoot me down - i am not trying to be patronising to anyone and i am not claiming that what i am attempting to explain here is a definitive explanation - audio engineering is very complex subject and i am not in any way trying to claim this is definitive - i am just trying to add some clarity to terms used in any debates first of all when people are commenting/complaining that the cd has been mastered to be too loud - this is called upward compression - i.e bringing parts that are not as loud as others up in volume level - so the quiet bits are not as quiet - this reduces the dynamic range (i.e. loudest to quietest) to normally around a 6 - 10db scale on modern rock cd this type of compression has nothing to do with bass/treble per se, it does not directly limit the frequencies available within the audio - (that would be frequency compression) - it just tends to limit the light and shade in an album - less room to breath here enters the multiband compressor this is where you are applying the principles i have described above but to specific frequency bands - now normally this would be applied to an instrument or a particular problem frequency in the mix where you are trying to compensate for uneven "loudness" playing. i'm not sure any of this is useful at all probably not - but thought it was worth trying to clarify best to all d
  12. QUOTE (alphseeker @ Jun 13 2012, 11:42 PM)Speaking of Billy i'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins Oceania right now - Itunes is allowing me to stream it free - First song is potent - - album is real good - can't wait until tuesdsay me too - been listening to it all day - fantastic album an oceania / ca tour would be cool
  13. fantastic interview - many thanks for posting d
  14. s_b_g

    Fan pack poster

    QUOTE (danielmclark @ Jun 9 2012, 06:13 PM)QUOTE (Sin City @ Jun 9 2012, 03:08 PM) No. Only the egotists who ordered in enough time and wanted their name on the poster. Do you have any idea how many Daniel Clarks there are on the planet? Having my name on the poster means nothing. I ordered the UK pack for the magazine and for potential collectable status. I'm not even going to open it for a few weeks so I can see if there's any interest on eBay for these things. If there is, I'm selling - I've got the domestic CD and the vinyl on order as well, so I'll still own the album. says it all - pathetic people always looking for a buck - i hope you end up penniless dude d
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