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    Anything that involves RUSH ON TOUR.
    Saving all year just to buy RUSH TIXS.
    Wearing RUSH caps, shirts and other RUSH SWAG.
    Maybe win M&G again but actually get to meet them. Lol lol

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    C A Tour Denver.
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    Resist, xanuda, witch hunt, The Garden.
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    OLDER-Grace un Pressure, NEWER Clockw A
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    May 3, 2013—PNC ARENA. 1st row in front of Alex. This is how to do a RUSH SHOW. I went for beer while wife gets sticks from Neil via Michael Mos. The sticks are beat the hell up. The new guy really pounds those drums. Oh, also won M&G. What a f**king night to remember. July 2, 2011 The Gorge, We had seats on third row. Geddy's side. These seats was the best and closest we have ever been to stage !! Next airfare, hotels and rental car. We flew into Portland 3 days before show. Sometimes the best trips/vacations are the ones you plan last minute Rush was f**king amazing !! When I think about this show it puts a smile on my face!! When we travel to see a show(fly) we try to incorporate some vacation time around the show, usually after. This being our 5th show of this tour—NYS FAIR, THE WOODLAND, CHICAGO UC, NEW ORLEANS AND THE GORGE—we couldn't have asked for a better ending !!!
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  1. What that old saying, “Once you go front row”? We had side seats on various shows. There is nothing wrong with bleacher seats. The problem for us was standing up and some asshole behind us screaming “sit the f**k down” which was not gonna happen. Then without hesitation a beer gets thrown on us. To our shock one of the Rush Police saw it happen. He told the guy to leave which started a huge ruckus. I walked up to the police guy just to say let the guy stay no harm done. This dick gets in my face telling me “stop making matters worse”. He,finally understood my intentions and calmed down. I did tell the beer thrower “we will never sit down”. He was happy to let us stand. Long story huh? With that in mind, from that day forward we always got floor seats. Fifth row sucked, third row was better but FIRST? OMG. We where very fortunate to get front row when we did. Either through brokers or using my wife’s very little eye sight to get “visually impaired seating”. She holds that visual aide cane up The Whole Show. Front row is the ultimate mind f**k. Us being such huge fans let’s our imagination run wild. We act nuts and it does seem that their show is FOR YOU. Having no one in front is the way to go. Oh and by the way i won M&G and like was said a few words back Front Row puts a foot in M&G’s ASS.
  2. We have won the VIP thing and Meet and greet. Meet/Greet instructions say MORE THAN ONCE No Autographs so DO NOT bring anything to sign. I guess we should have read into that because as soon as we Got back in front of the boys, Michael M asked " did anybody bring any gifts OR Gift Bags for Geddy or Alex??" 1 or 2 couples said yes and they went to the end of the line. That might get you another second or two? It's all over in seconds. Almost takes 2 to 3 times. Ha So take that and all the good advice so for and have a wonderful night.
  3. These seats are the best that we could do. If we had $3000-$4000 we could have been on 2nd row. Maybe. We didn't pay for them through Official Platinum Seats. My wife called and got accessible seating for the blind or sight impaired. This is what they gave her. I think we would rather be here than say on the floor past 5th row. It's RUSH they are all good seats!!
  4. Who goes to see RUSH Live and sits in their seats? The wife and I have never (NEVER) sat for even 1 song during our 14 shows over the years. We have usually been in the first 5 rows or closer for most of them. Even in the lower bowl seats we never sit. I'm really not sure how we would react to someone behind us demanding us to sit down. Maybe let him sit in our seats in front of us? Depends on where his seat is. We sure wouldn't want to spoil any other Rush Fans experience. Same goes for our experience. We stand, air drum, dance, scream, and down right make fools of our selfs. This is what Rush Fans do. We don't stand still for 3 hours. Sit still either. So, we sure hope nobody behind us shows their ass. Ha. Lol. RUSH ON people's.
  5. Noticed Row 3, Sec C for sale --$450 each. -----3 pairs & Sec 108, Row A for sale --$375 each -----3 pairs.
  6. During the Clockwork Angels Tour the show was on December 2nd and Showtech emailed me on November 26th. Only 7 days before the show. GOOD LUCK.
  7. Baton Rouge to Syracuse, Chicago and The Gorge by air. To The Woodlands and New Orleans by car. TMT Baton Rouge to Alpharetta, Los Angeles-San Diego, Raleigh and Denver by air. To Houston by car. CWA
  8. Explain to me say RUSH R40 —New Orleans, LA. New Orleans hasn't even went on sale yet. Stubhub, tickeliquidator and others have 100's of tickets for sale. Before pre sale?? Floor seats for $$2500 --$4000 each ??? How is that possible. Do they anticipate seats that they might get?? How did I make a boo boo?
  9. Yes I admit that I did throw back Row 9 and Row 8 with hopes of getting better seats. I guess we have been lucky. Wife and I have been on 1st row, 2nd row, 3rd and 4th. Even 5th row (Chicago-TM.) When you have spent 3 plus hours so close to the stage the feeling is unmatched by anything except by being close to stage. Huh? Oh well, it Is cool being close enough to say "Geddy was talkng to me" or a"Alex winked at me" (my wife). or whatever. We will keep on trying for VIP GOLD. IM NOT SURE what I'm doing wrong but I need my RUSH FIX.
  10. Hey people, did it seem really hard if not impossible to get ANY seats Row 1-6 or 7, 8 ? I spent 20-30 minutes juggling 2 computers trying to score seats for Alpharetta and Dallas VIP GOLD-- only to come away empty handed. Yes I turned away some hoping for better. It seems that everybody had a hard time getting the seats they wanted. Where is your seats?? If you don't mind sharing with us. I know where mine are!!--some resellers pocket. I will keep trying. I'll never give up on RUSH. Update: Just realized this same question has been asked. Sorry.
  11. Please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Presale dates for venues start like 1-2 days after the Announcement of the CA Tour? Is this their way of deterring scalping or?
  12. I know one thing, it better be soon that they announce. My nerves cannot take much more. My wife is driving me crazy. Please let it be soon!!
  13. January 26. I know a dude that know Alex Lifeson's son's baby mama's sister's nephew Gabe Tuftanharber.
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