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    Snake & Arrows Newcastle 2007
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    Overture / Temples
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    Got Mr Lifeson's pleck, after he threw it into the crowd, at Newcastle at the Snake & Arrows Newcastle in 07 :-)
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    Genesis, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Stuff Like That
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  1. Blimey, I've seen my Last :rush: Show
  2. Music Industry trying to make money now everyone downloading music for free ????
  3. i'd just love to see them open with Xanadu, you know when I watch it on Blu Ray in the UK. They can play owt after that - :rush:
  4. How about getting them to play your country :drool: Looking forward to watching :rush: 2015 tour......... on Blu Ray
  5. No Geddy Singing No Rush Simples I'm sure he'd love to just play Bass but thats not Rush !!
  6. I saw both tours in the UK. I know they played Xanadu on the Kings tour can't remember songs for the Signals Tour but I do remember Rush playing the Weapon in the UK early on so I guess one of them could have been the signals tour
  7. Agree Mr Hollywood with the addition of Seconds Out, Genesis
  8. Hey Narpski, ATWAS is really good, really raw, great guitar bass n drums Rock Another middle blokes opinion :codger:
  9. Just listened to All The Worlds a Stage, especially 2112. Man that was great, really missed Geddy's vocal Whooo Yeeeaahh during the early part of Overture. It took me right back to being a kid I first discovered :rush: Nice little trip down memory lane. Have any old :rush: songs taken you back?
  10. I don't mean this to be in anyway insulting, just a slightly humours note. Mainly for the UK fans. When listening to the brilliant Red Sector A on the new live album, I couldn't help but think of the advert for Milky Way :- The red car and the blue had a race, go in hum it while listening, or is it just me :finbar: Just saying lol
  11. Need a bit more more of things like Geddy's Bass solo at the end of Where's my thing !! :dweez:
  12. Geddy said something similar about Countdown and I really love that song
  13. geddyforlife they are getting expensive but at least they are coming to your town. They have missed my town , Newcastle UK, for some reason. It always a sell out ??
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