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    Copps Coliseum Hamilton, Ont. July 2013
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    my first Rush concert 10 rows from stage at Sarnia Bayfest.
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    Beatles, ELP, Pink Floyd, the Who, Roger Hodgson & Muse

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  1. My dear Lorraine. I just saw this sad news of yours. I am so sorry, hun. not sure what words I can say. Take shelter in your faith and in the arms of Jesus. lots of love and hugs to you. Angie
  2. Hiya dear. Congrats on 8 years! Love and hugs to you always.
  3. oh man, the memories... of the music, of this thread...
  4. Marie's the name of his latest flame Wooden Heart Devil in Disguise
  5. yes, I like their music. And they were easy on the eyes back during the MTV days, haha. PS. FIrst time I heard HE IS by Ghost, the guitar near the end of the song immediately reminded me of the guitar in Ordinary World.
  6. Very sorry for your loss. In the last few days of my Dad's life, I was with him constantly while he hung on. When I went home to sleep for a couple of hours, he died. Many choose to pass when they are alone to spare loved ones the pain. Remembering the good times and being grateful you had him in your life will comfort you...
  7. Happy Anniversary, Narps. Hope all is going well in your world.
  8. SORRY I AM LATE! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, EARL. I love reading your posts..
  9. Which album is that on? Parsley, Sage, rosemary and Thyme according to google.. Haha. I had to look it up. Summer of 1966 it was out, I love it!
  10. I was a fan as soon as debut Chicago Transit Authority was launched. saw the original lineup with Terry Kath twice in Toronto. I posted hear before that my friend and I jumped a fence and got up to their limousines for autographs. Loved their older stuff. They seemed strong at every position IMO.. JAmes Pankow was leader of horn section and wrote great songs.. Robert Lamm wrote great tunes too... He was married to actress Karen Lamm for a while if my memory is correct, that's just some gossip thrown in... I thought Danny Seraphine was a great drummer too.. If you want juicy inside details, read his autobiography.. Just some of my thoughts.
  11. Keith Sitting on a chair... Not to be taken away
  12. How can you mend a broken heart by the Bee Gees
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