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    Dumfries, Scotland
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    SECC Glasgow. May 30th 2013
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    Don't have a favourite
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    First time I saw them in early 1978, first glimpse was of a very young Lerxst with very long blond hair and that ES-355 being lit in a ghostly blue glow just seconds before the gig started. The excitement I felt at that time is something I won't ever forget.
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    Deathstars, Motley Crue ... tons more
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    guitar ... badly!

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  1. Yep Bathgate, Fridge - come along! RushFest Scotland 2016 Facebook page has all the info too Get your chance at the cymbal folks! Neil will sign this to you if you win!
  2. Many thanks to the admins/mods for allowing me to post this. I am co organiser of RushFest Scotland and this year we are raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. For our prize draw this year, have been lucky enough to get a cymbal which will be signed to the winner by Neil. Details of how to enter the draw are below. The draw will be made by Rush producer Terry Brown at RushFest on April 23rd. Many thanks for reading Foxxi Thanks to the very kind people at Sabian Cymbals in Los Angeles we have a unique opportunity for you to win a Neil Peart signature 10" cymbal SIGNED PERSONALLY TO YOUR NAME BY NEIL PEART HIMSELF!!!! All the details are in the link below - basically for every £5 you donate online you're entered into the draw to win the cymbal. The draw will be made by Terry Brown at this year's RUSHfest Scotland event on Sat 23 April 2016. This draw is open to every fan WORLWIDE and every penny will go to Teenage Cancer Trust. www.justgiving.com/RUSHfestScotland
  3. I'm drooling onthese two. :drool: Of course I agree they're fiery. :clap: Still love that b&w one!
  4. Anthem June '76 13 Friend's house My mates had been to Canada and heard this band, Rush, and brought Fly By Night back. Fell in instant musical love. Borrowed the album a week later and had it for ages.
  5. First one ... Glasgow Apollo ... Feb '78 King's tour
  6. I don't mind grey, just face fuzz
  7. Lerxst, no .... just, no
  8. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt227/DeathGlamIndustries/Rush/imagejpg3_zps4408a1de.jpg
  9. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt227/DeathGlamIndustries/Rush/imagejpg7_zps1897e257.jpg
  10. What We Do In The Shadows - funniest film I've seen in a LONG time
  11. Count yourselves lucky you're even getting the chance!
  12. Switch limbo for CygnusX-1, book 2 and I'm into this list
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