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    St. Louis - May '15
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    "Analog Kid" - beautiful and humbling
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    I have to say, Presto -- or maybe Signals
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    First show at the Birmingham NEC back in '92. Met up with some British Rush fans after show and it changed my life.
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    Phish, Phish, Phish, and more Phish
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  1. I vacillate between Rush and Phish, but whenever I listen to Rush, my heart's tugged on different strings that no other band can tug on.
  2. coventry


    I know, I know. Lots of different polemics re: "Freeze", but it's a favorite of mine. And still, after 15 years, this song continues to amaze. Like how it goes from 6/8 to 5/4 to 4/4, mimicking the dwindling choices one has before they reach the "fight or flight" moment - at which point there's only two choices - indicated by that triumphant chorus in a slow 4/4; how when we make that ultimate choice, it's the only one we have. I love this band.
  3. This post deserves a thousand likes and more. Thanks!
  4. This is a dark horse, but the drums on Vapor Trails are very well produced. In fact, I prefer the original, non-remastered edition. The remastered has some cymbal and other parts cut out entirely.
  5. I did a side by side comparison of the original release of Fly by Night lp from '75 and the just re-issued and re-mastered on 180g vinyl Grace Under Pressure and was immediately struck by just how compressed the latter sounded. The FbN lp, even though it was 41 years old, threw a huge soundstage with dynamics everywhere. P/G, however, was much more restricted and less engaging. Even the cd version of it sounded a bit more full.
  6. This ^^^^^^^ Those descending riffs towards the end are as majestic and emotional as anything he's ever done. Big Money - a wonderfully pathos-laden solo complemented by a driving yet supportive rhythm section. Analog Kid - perfectly captures the wind-tossed tempest of adolescence The solo and outro on "Presto" are sublime.
  7. No, it was not. The studio version of "La Villa" was recorded in one take, though as the band has repeatedly pointed out, it took them forty tries to nail it. Myth. Ged is quoted as jokingly saying that, but it's been pretty well established that it was recorded in parts. Two parts are said to have been single takes, with the rest put together. Crap; you mean I've been going around spreading misinformation and fanboi lies? Found this, tho. http://rushvault.com...lla-strangiato/ Which more or less corroborates what you say.
  8. Do have a link to where you read this? Can you hear what sounds like a splice? Apparently it would be between parts 3 & 4 (3:32-ish), and 7 & 8(7:39-ish), if it's noticeable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e14ublpOG8 At 3:33 there's what sounds to be an extra hi-hat chick on the upbeat; Neil doesn't play it again the entire transition section.
  9. No, it was not. The studio version of "La Villa" was recorded in one take, though as the band has repeatedly pointed out, it took them forty tries to nail it.
  10. coventry


    The melodies are memorable. The humanistic element is wonderful (i.e., "Chain Lightning", "The Pass"). The production is thin, even on the 180-gram LP through a Jolida II phono stage. But the overall encapsulation of a moment is awesome, encapsulated by "Available Light". A true "authentic" album by a non-synthetic band.
  11. Seriously. His idolatry of Brutus grew false after a while. I know, I know; I'm not privy to his friendship - and Lord knows I have some sketchy friends, too. Still. Sometimes I wonder if Brutus is simply another persona of Neil.
  12. coventry

    Rush ads

    What were your sources for the print ads?
  13. coventry

    Rush ads

    Those print ads were awesome! Thanks for posting.
  14. "Grace to Grace" is a spectacular album closer. And I wish there was more chorus on 'Still"
  15. I just ordered both the HYF and P/G new vinyls. That whole run from Signals to Presto was spectacular in terms of melodies and sonics.
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