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    Welsh girl in Surrey, UK
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    25/05/2011 - The 02, London UK
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    Mission / Everyday Glory / Tears / The Trees.
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    Hold Your Fire
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    Meeting Geddy Lee at the screening of Beyond The Lighted Stage documentary and Q&A session in London, England. 8/11/10
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    Manic Street Preachers, ELO, The Fray, Take That, Foo Fighters etc etc...
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    Guitar, Bass, Piano, Viola and Flute.

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  1. Not when that 'joke' entails subjecting women to derogatory remarks like that, I don't, no :sarcastic:
  2. I generally don't have time for sexist shit coming out of the mouths of fuckwits.
  3. Hey guys! Remember me? I'm Lara, I had a long break from forums due to university and personal problems but I'm back! I just thought I'd drop by and say hey! I bought a ticket to see Rush for the 24th May in London... SO excited!!! So, yeah, I'm back :hi: So much has changed around here...
  4. All these dates are spread all over my finals
  5. GeddysMullet of course! GM< Resposible for my Rush addiction! Love her to bits although we've not spoken for ages !
  6. QUOTE (Babycat @ Feb 8 2012, 03:58 PM) http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss329/GoodCompany/Geddy%20Lee/time-machine-24.jpg Thant's a bit nice! I've missed him... been so busy recently with family and university stuff that I've not even had the chance to buy TM DVD I've missed you too Geddy Girls!
  7. Shirley

    Rush Clock

    QUOTE (Dylan2712 @ Feb 2 2012, 08:40 PM) Cygnus X-1 could be 11:00, cause X=10 + 1=11 bit of a stretch. also, Twilight Zone could be 3oclock, "take it off; he's got three eyes". it could also work for four "the fourth dimension is crossed" can't believe i missed ONE little Victory!!! Seeing as it is Cygnus X-1, shouldn;t that be 9 ans it is a minus symbol?? Just a thought!
  8. YAY!!!! Will be my first release!
  9. Oh something else... I reckon that this whole "block" thing doesn't help the atmosphere... I gotthe feeling of being penned in...
  10. Someone near me at this gig must have had a cold/flu... I've caught it
  11. Shirley

    jawk jaw !

    QUOTE (Tommy Sawyer @ May 27 2011, 08:52 PM) QUOTE (Shirley @ May 27 2011, 03:04 PM) Urgh! Wish I'd not opened this thread... bit, um... weird... Isn't that the whole point? Probably! Just took me by surprise! Like the IKEA pic.. might steal it!
  12. If they do... I'm there!
  13. Shirley

    I cried twice on Weds... during Time Stand Still and Far Cry! 2 of my fave songs, one of which (FC) I'd been DYING to hear/see live!
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