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    Saskatoon 9/28/12
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    The Spirit of Radio/ The Anarchist
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    Permanent Waves / Clockwork Angels
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    Second row at Saskatoon!
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    Gaslight Anthem, Foo Fighters
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    Bass, Guitar, a little bit of Drums
  1. Dylan2712

    Double Agent

    "Wilderness of mirrors, world of polished steel. Gears and iron chains turn the grinding wheel. I run between the shadows; some are phantom, some are real." Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
  2. Thanks for the improved/better video. Could you find an improved audio as well?... :D-13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7DFsBcVMDA here ya go. ;)
  3. I imagine it is a timing reference so they can start the song at the right tempo.
  4. Weird, I thought the exact opposite. I had to turn DOWN my sub it was too boomy. Video, I agree, is excellent. I didn't think they cut too fast too often, seemed it was just to match the energy of the current song. How boring would it be if they stayed on one camera angle for the end of Carnies? That's just my opinion. Also, EASTER EGG ALERT!!! (Blu-Ray) I pressed the UP arrow on the "scenes" button in the main menu instead of "enter", and got a video of Alex's 20 dollar joke he made during one of the concerts. It was completely unexpected and I am unaware if anyone has brought this up at all.
  5. Any and every track on an audio CD can only be 16-bit / 44,100kHz. What you're think are probably the 5.1 DVD's which are 24-bit and 96,000kHz.
  6. How about at least two days off in between shows? Geddy is very vocal about not speaking much the day after a show, this could give him an extra day to recover and deliver strong vocal performances each night. That, and bring back the Rick!
  7. MY only qualm with the remix so far is the "Ceiling unlimited; world so wide" vocal over top of the breakdown after the solo/ on top of bass 'diddle'. I personally don't think the rhythm of the words fit with what the bass and drums are doing at that point. If it were me, I would not have done that but it doesn't "ruin" the song. In fact, I firmly believe almost, if not every single minute of this album has been improved greatly by Mr. Bottrill. I hope he mixes Rush's next album.
  8. Just came across this today, apologies if it's been posted before. I knew they were thinking about playing Jacobs Ladder, but I didn't know they were contemplating playing MalNar right before the drum solo! http://i.imgur.com/m4ZeoM3.jpg
  9. I hope not. Edmonton is over 3 hours away from Calgary. Im not from either area, I'm from Eastern Saskatchewan and to add on an additional 6 hours of driving would suck. My hopes is that they can change the venue to somewhere else in Calgary, perhaps the football stadium.
  10. Because he won last year. I'm glad Bonham is winning. He is AMAZING. WAS amazing. I dunno, i feel lately he's a bit... stiff...
  11. Does anyone have a high quality image of the "farewell to kings" skull? i seen this guys tattoo in the rush tattoos facebook page and want to get a similar styling of this skull. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3024058248816&set=o.59879564053&type=3&theater
  12. At work we have these sweep logs that we have to fill out once an hour every day. if the floors are clean then we note down the time and an "I" for inspected. every night shift i work, i make sure to "inspect" the floors at 21:12.
  13. He must like the show, Jason Segal (one of it's stars -also from "I Love You Man") and all the Canadian jokes they throw in for the character Robin. I hope the cameo is a decent part and not a "hey look its Geddy Lee!' 'hey guys'" type of cameo.
  14. It was great in Saskatoon! side note: as Alex was coming back onto the stage to start the second half of the song Neil must have went a little longer in his solo than expected because Alex took one step and then froze, shrugged and turned around and went back to the side for about 10-20 seconds more. My friend noticed this and told me about it later, i thought it was funny.
  15. i know some of you feel that the intro was too long for this song and the reprise of the high geddy "wish them welllllll!!!!" was to many too close. I took it upon my self to create a sort of "Radio Edit" of the song. it's about 40 seconds shorter than the original. i was thinking about cutting the outro shorter but it reminded me of the Vital Signs fading outro and thought better to not mess with it. (copy+paste) soundcloud.com/db2712/rush-wish-them-well-edit feel free to download it, the little downward arrow next to the "share" and "add to set" button.
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