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  1. Although i did notice that Alex was a bit slightly more serious, but not too much, Big Al is still Big Al :)
  2. I've actually been noticing that Neil has been smiling much more on this tour and it seems he's enjoying it more... then again its from what i saw, and Alex is always Alex! at the Dallas show he seemed to be quite enjoying himself making little jokes and motions while being serious as well in his solos and other parts, I witnessed him watching the intermission video right before Tom Sawyer kicked in, he was amused and had a smile on his face.. and Geddy, is Geddy, always out there jumping and bunny hopping and what not!
  3. First of all, this is a topic I have seen others talk about in other pages, but I have not really seen one here... so here we go! "What albums should be represented more in this upcoming tour?" To be honest I have many, but if I were to single it down to only 3... these would be my picks... 1.Grace Under Pressure (Especially the B-side of the album) 2. Test For Echo (Especially Limbo) 3. Caress of Steel (Necromancer) Those are my top three... now this is open to any of the 20 albums... What are your top 3 choices? *Remember... it is all opinionated*
  4. Well, with the release of the R40 Box Set soon we will finally get to see what appears to be the unreleased footage for a Different Stages concert video filmed at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto, well its only 8 songs, and I originally thought it would be an authorized bootleg... but with the small appearance of it in the R40 Trailer it seemed well directed and looks quite "official".... I open this up for thoughts... Are you excited for it? Not so excited?
  5. IGNORE THIS FOR NOW, New thread will be created
  6. I feel like New World Man was written about me, before I was even born! hahahaha! The Pass and Bravado's lyrics impacted me, as well as many others, and I won't name all!!!
  7. I know Different Stages came out in 1998, but i barely bought it a few months ago :P ......... and i always had in my mind "They only played 3 T4E songs on the T4E Tour?!?!? *Note I'm still a teen and obviously didn't remember the T4E Tour...* But i did some research and it showed they played about half the album, which some of you already know... but why did they not include the others aswell as other classics? I'm thinking, since the other past Live albums also excluded songs from the tour, then they would go to same direction....... any other theories why?
  8. No No No, they need a Triangle Section!!!! hahahaha
  9. This is unrelated to albums, but of course more to gear....... Do you think Fender might/should release an updated version of the Geddy Jazz Bass, looking at how they released a Custom Shop version of how his bass looked for the past 2 tours, do you think they might release a new model with the pearloid inlays and pickguard with/without the "Amalgamation" Symbol?!!!
  10. What i mean to say, the album that features Pratt's greatest drumming skills, I would have to say Fly By Night and AFTK, but of course he's Neil Freakin Peart, What album isn't he awesome in!?
  11. Permanent Waves First for sure!!! 2nd would be Hemispheres and 3rd 2112
  12. Why not add in Neil?! I can't really say i have a favorite, although i do like the original Chromey which had a raw/classic 2112 sound and the SS Professor from R30 which gave a nice look reliving the original Starman logo.... Whats your's?
  13. This goes along with my Geddy topic.... I would say the classic, the Gibson ES 355 You've got a lot to think of haha such as: -Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess, The Red Fender Stratocaster, or even the Gibson 1275 etc...
  14. Well it is, in my opinion i think it gives a good tone on the albums like The Big Money on PW and Roll The Bones You think it is the best sounding bass? Its all a matter of opinion, i do really like his Ric tone though during AFTK tour and i think the Jazz tone on the Vapor Trails tour is pretty sick, i just really like the Wal :geddy:
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