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good thing tarantulas do not need to be handled, it's gonna be a while until i work up the nerve to handle him. probably at least a week or two.


Terry - good name.


Just wait 'til he/she/it molts! :o



i found out that since he is mature, he most likely won’t molt again. the employee at the store said his final molt was recently, so i could only end up having Terry for 6 months to a year, could be less, could be more. i will cherish my time with him give him the best care that i possibly can since he is technically elderly :)
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Why do boomers always add "..." to the end of their sentences?






Because they frequently wander away from their keyboards?

Because they're trying to keep you in suspense?

Because they don't know how or where to deploy an ellipses?


What are boomers? Explosive technicians?



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