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  1. Yes Mick! Every Syd song is INSIPID! :no: Syd rules! (and sometimes drools) :( "It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here..."
  2. I won a copy of the Radio Kaos cassette in 1987, and cannot disagree with your statement. "Magic Billy...in his wheelchair...is picking up all this stuff in the air..." He also sounds like someone is sitting on his chest most of the time.
  3. The Final Cut somehow found a way to be even more miserable than The Wall, although with less memorable tunes. There were a few dull ones on the More soundtrack, "San Tropez" is a little over-ripe, as is "Biding My Time" (despite a good guitar solo). "Embryo" is atmospheric, but pretty f***ing dumb and sounds like an aborted "Julia Dream" :P
  4. I really miss him and still find it hard to believe he's dead He reminded me very much of an old buddy of mine, a funny and quirky fellow who died too soon due to liver cancer (just a couple of months before he was to retire). When Orf passed, I was quite depressed about it, and I think some of that had to do with my associating Orfie with my old buddy, and how their senses of humour were now both gone. I dunno. Maybe I'm rambling. Time to show myself out! :outtahere:
  5. Due to 2020, Random Samples etc. It's generally a fun place to hang out and feel mildly connected. It can also be fairly hilarious, and laughter is damn good medicine. It's different with Orfie not being around, but it's still a pretty fun place.
  6. Right on track. Unfortunately. Everything is going to hell before the vaccines are widely available. Damnit. "I refuse to wear a mask. It's against my rights. I refuse to not gather with family. The government isn't gonna tell me what to do." lol "I refuse to wear pants! It's against my rights! My family WANTS to see my package. I also reject the idea of socks on occasion."
  7. Maybe it doesn't count as a bassline, but didn't JPJ come up with the Black Dog riff? That's a pretty sweet riff. (supposedly based on Muddy Waters "Tom Cat" - or something from the Electric Mud album)
  8. Foster Brooks lush? Or old-school Ursula Andress lush?
  9. There was a stupid man who walked a stupid mile, He had a stupid hat and a really stupid smile. He had a stupid little wife, and a stupid little kid, He even had a stupid job where stupid things he did. He read some stupid books, and listened to stupid sounds, Looked at stupid things, walked on stupid ground. And then one day his time was up, his end of life had come, He lay in bed, sighed and said: "Boy, life sure can be dumb." - Stu Piddity
  10. "Oh, I was japed a fortnight ago at Cyril's. Such a japing I never before did endure!" "What amusables were conjured, pray tell?" "Well, things started off as a simple lark-about, and then soon progressed to general merriment. Then the quadrille records came out, and the skits and japes began." "Sounds a real jollification!" "Oh, it was truly runcible."
  11. Quadrilles: capering and kickery Warning: use of quadrilles may lead to skits and japes. :tsk:
  12. What's the lobster's favourite Bowie album? Crustacean to Station "I also enjoy quadrilles!"
  13. I'm waaaaaay late to the party, but it's still a party! :cheers: :smoke: Congrats, zepphead!
  14. Dammit, I have a defective Paula White "Hika Handa Anda Atta" doll. It was supposed to speak in tongues, but it just shouts meaningless syllables. :(
  15. A Rush suppository is actually a great idea, especially for an aging fan base. How about Rush branded In the End suppositories You can take one Wait a little while Works its magic And brings back your smile In the End Oooh, yeah Oh yeah yeah Finding My Suppository Leave That Suppository Alone La Villa Supposito The Suppository Within Beneath, Between, Behind Jacob's Bladder-control pads
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