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Favourite Song From Victor

madra sneachta

So, which track on Victor does it for you?  

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  1. 1. So, which track on Victor does it for you?

    • Don't Care
    • Promise
    • Start Today
    • Mr X
    • At The End
    • Sending Out A Warning
    • Shut Up Shuttin' Up
    • Strip And Go Naked
    • The Big Dance
    • Victor
    • I Am The Spirit

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It's got to be 'Shut Up Shuttin Up' - I just absolutely love it, especially when a Alex's wife & her friend are moaning & there's Alex going: "shut up... shut up!... SHUT UP!!!" I usually end up with the hysterics laugh.gif tongue.gif
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I like this album a lot, and I like that it didn't conform to what you might expect from Alex. Great guitar playing on this too.


I went with Don't Care, cause when I first played the album it certainly got my attention(!) and piqued my curiosity for the rest of the album.



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This is such an underrated album! Alex has serious attitude and I love it! It's hard to believe Rush was working on Test For Echo while this fabulous album came out.


It's cliche, but my favorite is Promise.

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I voted Start Today. I like Alex on this song and I like the vocals (he's Geddy-esque in his delivery). Shut up shuttin' up is good too, a little kitchy for my taste.


I just listened to this album again last week on the train. I found I enjoyed much more now than when it came out. You can hear Alex's contribution to Rush. Good riffs.


It doesn't have the same energy as a Rush album, imo. There's something magical about the three when they play together.



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