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  1. As I mentioned earlier in the thread...and I still think it will happen, I believe the JUNO Awards (Canadian Music Awards) in March will probably do some bigger to honour Neil. At least, that is my belief.
  2. YES! I was thinking that the other day. We can find brilliance from Neil in just about any Rush song, but I really think his lyrics on Signals, P/G, PoW, and HYF were his very best. Just outstanding writing.
  3. I don't think the Grammy's will offer much...but I am hopeful that the JUNO'S in March will put forth a sincere video package or something honouring him (even though I personally cannot stand any of these award shows).
  4. Absolutely stunned and gutted. :( Still hoping this isn't real. RIP Neil. Thank you for everything you put into your work.
  5. Serious question...am I the only person who likes DT, but doesn't fully understand just how good Scenes From a Memory really is? I mean, I enjoy the album...but have never been blown away by it, which I find odd since most people swear it is their best work. Also, after checking the setlist, I am unsure if I will attend the upcoming show near here. I think I dropped the ball by not attending the last tour when they did Images & Words in full (my favourite DT record).
  6. What does everyone think of the "bonus track" Viper King? The song is so non-Dream Theater, but rocks hard! Love the chorus and the bad-ass riff! So good.
  7. Have been gutted by this one since hearing about it yesterday. I am a big fan of The Cranberries, and a big fan of her voice. If you haven't heard it before, I strongly suggest you give "Bury The Hatchet" a spin. A great record with so many fantastic songs. Most fans will always speak of 'Zombie', but I would rate songs like Animal Instinct, Loud and Clear, and Promises right up there with it, if not ahead. RIP Dolores.
  8. My condolences to you and your family GR. Since my father passed away, I have had a difficult time listening to The Garden to be honest.
  9. Depends on the songs, I find. But I do enjoy the "less noisy" versions for the most part. Actually...in the case of One Little Victory, I actually found that I enjoyed the "Retrospective 3" version the best of the three. The bass sounded fantastic on it IMO.
  10. Neurotica and Virtuality are both excellent songs...two of their best from the 90's Era. Snakes & Arrows is a fantastic album...with 'Side 1' being arguably one of their strongest "sides" since the 80's.
  11. That's awesome. I really appreciate the detailed feedback. I didn't end up buying yesterday...though I was close. I just kept the 2 upper bowl tickets that I had originally bought from TM when they went on sale months ago. I do regret not going for the floors from SH yesterday...because let's face it, it's better down there...plus the filming going on. Alas...I am considering trying tomorrow if I find something "affordable" for me. Will be tough...but I'm happy to hear that I should be confident about it! Cheers!
  12. Thanks Guys! I really appreciate it! It's true...I haven't been around much lately, sadly. Been fairly busy. However...I've also partly been staying away on purpose...to avoid any potential Tour spoilers as well. I finally went to Show #1 last night...FANTASTIC as always!
  13. Where did you see this? I've been on that page all morning...and I haven't seen anything at all for tonight's show on TM.
  14. Awesome! Thanks for all the response guys! As of this moment...I still haven't purchased anything. I'm keeping a close eye on everything still available for tonight's show. It's just a bit irritating to think that I paid less than the prices being asked for FRONT ROW in the same venue back on the CA Tour. But I guess that's just how it is...
  15. People are not incorrect here. The issues you dealt with in Montreal...I've dealt with in Toronto. My R30 show at the Molson Amptheatre was one of the worst concert experiences of my life. People wouldn't stop telling people to sit down...I watched guys in our section try to stand for even a few minutes...only to have garbage tossed at them to "sit down". It was embarrassing for me, as a Rush fan. I got told by the couple behind me to "stop rocking out"...followed by security doing the same. I offered to switch seats with them...and they declined...only to miss a bunch of the show. It was insane. Since then...I've tried to only focus on Floor Seats in the hopes that I could stand freely without people being ridiculous. Anyway...I've been going to every Toronto show (ACC and Amptheatre) since Vapor Trails...and I do believe that the crowds (at times), could be considered "lame". Not everyone...but I can understand why people say it. I've watched it unfold, in some cases.
  16. Hey All, Just looking for some advice / opinions on StubHub. So...for the first time ever, I'm on the eve of the (two) Rush shows that I intend to attend, and don't have tickets. (Well...I have two upper bowl for tomorrow...but looking for floors, and none for Friday). My question is...has anyone used the 'Instant Download' option when purchasing tickets from StubHub, and how legit are the tickets? Could you see any problems arising from it? Has anyone ever ran into issues? (I did use S.H. to sell some tickets back on the CA Tour (via UPS option), but I have never used it to purchase any tickets as of yet.) Just looking for advice / opinions...as I've been eyeing the tickets and prices for awhile now. Thanks...
  17. Feedback?... Nah! I will take on DIFFERENT STAGES...since I don't think I've seen anybody else bring it up yet. (With that said...I'd still be open to Co-Ambassador for any of the studio albums I listed above as well!)
  18. Doh! Guess I'm super late to the party... Are there any missing? If anyone needs a co-captain, or a post opens up...I'm here for you! :madra: My personal top picks: Power Windows Counterparts S&A Caress of Steel P/G
  19. BTW...Ticketmaster says the Toronto shows are "almost sold out"...so get on there and scoop up those $150 tickets to watch from the side of the stage! Hurry!!! :sarcastic:
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