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  1. I'm glad Billie Eilish SWEPT the Grammys.... I have a 13yr old daughter and I have listened to her music quite a bit involuntarily in the car. Lol. I like Billies music. She's veeeeeeeery progressive... and her lyrics actually speak to today's youth. Much like Rush did in their own way in 70s 80s 90s and on and on. Go read the lyrics to one of her best songs "bury a friend".... Not your typical Hollywood bullshit. Billie Eilish is a CHAMPION of every kid who wants to make and record music in their bedroom. I betcha Neil would have been impressed with Billies heart for music.... giving her stripped down nonHollywood approach to writing and recording music. She said much of her Album WAS RECORDED in her modest home, in her bedroom. . Way to STICK IT up Hollywood's ass Billie!!!! Hope Billie doesnt change and doesn't get Hollywood-ized
  2. Welp.... Neil made it in as the 6th person on the Grammys In Memorial Glad the Grammys put Neil pretty damn high in THEIR list. If Neil was like 32nd, I would have been really really really pissed off I'm pretty IMPRESSED Neil edged out Ric Ocasek among the PRETENTIOUS Grammy Gods Lets not undervalue how slightly progressive and slightly game changing The Cars were in their weird lil MTV ways...making weird looking nerds cool to listen to. Like DEVO but with countless memorable melodic songs
  3. Not sure who will win the Super Bowl but I'm predicting a final score of 21-12
  4. YOU GOT ME THINKING....Geddy has a new Book out and below could tie in nicely I'm positive that a concert of only Geddy and Alex could be pulled off with an audible drums track. Maybe only Ged/Alex doing the last 3 songs with other Artists doing most of the Concert Rush has for YEARS has had all kinds of pre recorded tracks that Ged would control using a foot switch on his effects floorboard. Especially during songs having Bass and Keyboards in sync This could be pulled off respectfully and tastefully in smaller 2,000 seat venues. Maybe only 3 North American concerts (Los Angeles, Toronto, NYC). I suspect tickets would start at $500 or more
  5. If only a 3sec pic of "Artists we lost this past year".... it will be interesting to audibly hear the reaction of the fake-ass narcissistic weak-minded coke-snorting Hipsters beautiful ppl (lol). Probably only the older ProductionCrew will applaud
  6. Grammys coming up Sunday Jan 26th You think theres a chance in hell they'll respectfully mention anything about Neil's death?
  7. @goose Then the concept of the official statement of R.I.P. is kinda hypocritical if Neil is no longer existing but forever abolished only leaving behind a legacy
  8. Ok. I'm NOT NOT NOT trolling I want to open a discussion on Neil's belief system and the Clockwork Angel album. The Clockwork Angels Concept Album came from his personal beliefs that God is only the movement of TIME.... but to love one another until death ...because after death there's only a spirit abolishment. According to his own lyrics, All is for the best Believe in what we're told Blind man in the market Buying what we're sold (Possible references to The Bible and things being bought and sold as a marketplace at Solomon's Temple..Because the concept of the song is that being taught The Bible is a lie, Neil's beliefs, not mine..... in his childhood) Believe in what we're told Until our final breath While our loving Watchmaker Loves us all to death So.... interrupting Neil's own words, God is the Watchmaker....when you're out of time and die.. that's it... no further existence. Using this belief system I'm not understanding Geddy and Alex's official statement of R.I.P. Rest in what? If Neil's beliefs that the Watchmaker says your out of time and no further existence.... What is there to Rest in? What peace? Peace in nothingness? Again NOOOOO trolling here! I just want an INTELLIGENT open discussion on Neil's death and his belief system well documented in Clockwork Angels Keep it civil ppl. Plz .
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