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  1. Nah. RTB was one half great (RTB, Dreamline, Bravado, GOAC, WMT) and one half extremely mediocre (all the other songs) Rupert Hine's marshmallow soft gutless production did it no favors.
  2. RTB was the worst "Alex album" even more so than Presto/HYF/PoW in terms of guitar tone & placement in the mix
  3. It wasn't just the mix, Alex's choice of guitar tones on that album was suspect
  4. I consider Counterparts as their last really good sounding record. Everything after starting with TFE was a dense fuzzy overdistorted brickwalled too many layers of guitar/bass/vocals sonic mess.
  5. I took the album out and gave it another try today while driving around. Nope, same results as always: I enjoy the introduction to most of the songs but once the words kick in my interest starts to fade around the two-minute mark and then my finger is soon jabbing the skip forward button on the CD player. And the process begins anew. Wish them Well is an incredibly mediocre weak-effort song especially for a band as talented as Rush. The guitar and drum parts are completely unimaginative, the lyric trite and forgettable. I find it hard to believe after they admitted they had a hard time with getting a good recording of the song that they didn't just decide to give up on it altogether and leave it on the editing room floor because the final result just sucks. If somebody remixed the harder songs on this album into shorter instrumentals... lyrics and storyline completely gone... because I do like a lot of the riffs and parts they came up with, I would enjoy that much better.
  6. Basically, since I couldn't understand most of what Geddy was singing without the lyrics in front of me I couldn't follow the storyline. And since I couldn't follow the storyline the whole concept of the album was lost on me. And at that point my interest in continuing to listen goes down the drain rather quickly especially when some of the songs drone on two or three minutes longer than they really needed too. Take the title track for example: it starts off really well and builds up nicely but when it gets to that middle part where it sounds like Ged is singing through a cheap speakerphone a room away and even the most dedicated fan can't make out WTF he's saying, I hit the skip forward button. Which reminds me, it's been 10 years now and I've read the lyric sheet multiple times and I'm STILL completely unclear as to what exactly a "Clockwork Angel" is in context of the story
  7. Great, now compared to the rest of you so far I'm going to come across like the turd in the punch bowl contrarian This is just my opinion so don't get angry but I find the album on the whole to be mostly unlistenable especially beginning to end. The songs are too long too dense too chaotic not enough hooks or parts that stick with you but above all I can't understand hardly a word Geddy is singing. Between his strained voice singing higher than he was capable of anymore, the bad mix and the wordy songs, he could be singing in a completely different language for all I knew. I liked the return to an epic story however I thought what Peart came up with seemed like a warmed-over rehash of Fountain of Lamneth combined with 2112: (a young idealistic man sets out to see and taste the world in a futuristic dystopian communistic society spread out over several songs and at the end becomes disenchanted) So overall I appreciate their effort and the band was certainly happy with the results and so were many fans and that's great but I hardly ever listen to the album. I've tried several times over the years but can't get past the first three songs before putting something else on. It's audibly abusive. It's been relegated to drink coaster status. I have no idea how the band signed off on that awful mix Nick did with hardly any separation between the layers of instruments and vocals. Here's my idea of what would make a better album: Total remix top to bottom. Nick R is not allowed anywhere near the board. Drop the weaker songs and rearrange the remaining songs into a different running order: Clockwork Angels Caravan BU2B Anarchist Carnies Seven Cities The Wreckers Headlong Flight The Garden
  8. Well to be fair, Far Cry is one of the few songs on the entire album that sounds anything like the classic Rush
  9. jnoble

    3rd runner up

    Wish Them Well sounds a lot like Green Day's Do You Know Your Enemy in the beginning
  10. I think the muddy noise live sound started as far back as Counterparts. I rarely ever listen to Different Stages disc 1 or 2 because of how muddy and distorted it sounded
  11. RTB is far and away the wimpiest sounding Rush album, even more so than HYF or Presto. Because as someone just pointed out, the songs were meant to rock out (Face Up, Neurotica) but are held in check by the thinnest weakest mix and sound ever. But it's not all on Rupert Hine, Alex was the one who was recording with such jangly tinny guitar tones and Geddy was still using his pinky-dinky Wal basses. You can't possibly record an aggressive sounding song with those particular guitars. And I don't know why Neil's drums sounded like Tupperware. (Think the beginning fill of You Bet Your Life) RTB and original mix Vapor Trails are both almost unlistenable past four songs but for completely opposite reasons. One is lacking balls the other too loud and aggressive
  12. Geddy's bass sound was better back then (IMHO) because he was playing through amps on stage which sounded warmer. I didn't really care for his tone after he switched to direct input starting in 1996 TFE tour. It was too bright/clangy/dirty. And in the years before that his Steinberger and Wals just didn't have the aggressive tone of his Ric & Fender Jazz
  13. I guess he's keeping the majority of his PRS guitars
  14. The drop-off in quality between the best songs on Roll The Bones and the other half of mediocrity is pretty astounding. Of course Robert Hines wimpy production didn't help any of it. Face up could have been such a kick-ass song if it were recorded during Counterparts instead
  15. Somebody recently started a "Why this song is terrible" channel which is pretty funny
  16. If Turn The Page was the last song on HYF as it should've been instead of the weak sauce Tai Shan / High Water, it would have been a perfect way to reference the coming change in sound & direction on their next record
  17. It's OK. Lyrically similar to Tom Sawyer. Like everything else off of Signals still sounds kind of dreary to me
  18. All three albums are heavily flawed IMHO. So I would have liked to combine the positive from these albums into one awesome album: The emotion passion and energy of Vapor Trails with the much better mix of Snakes in a concept story line format of Clockwork
  19. Snakes was the first Rush album where a bunch of the tracks sounded too similar to each other. On previous albums even if it was a song I didn't care for I could still tell them all apart. With Snakes you listen to a song and think to yourself "Didn't I just hear this?" I've respected Rush's willingness to dip into different styles but making an entire album of mid tempo folk/rock fusion was a bad idea.
  20. Presto has more cohesive memorable songs with better lyrics, SnA has a better more modern sound & mix. I was bitterly disappointed when I first heard Snakes because aside from Far Cry & Malignant Narcissism, none of the other songs really sounded like classic Rush. Like they weren't putting forth any effort into writing compelling exciting music. Three or four of the songs start off with almost exactly the same guitar riff in the same key and Neil wasn't writing lyrics so much anymore as long rambling rants about theology that just could not be made into a good rock songs. Plus he was just repeating the same territory they covered on Vapor Trails only without any passion or energy
  21. I like only half the album. I don't remember my initial overall reaction when I first got it. If it had a better mix and three or four of the weaker songs were left off because it's definitely over-long I would enjoy it better. How It Is is one of my favs
  22. ESL had such a murky dark grainy look to it and then with Grace Under Pressure a few years later that was a complete opposite almost too well lit and TOO bright in many spots. I hardly ever watch anything past R30 because Ged's voice got worse and worse with each release. Time Machine Tour is almost unwatchable because of that for me and I never bothered to pick up R40 for the same reason
  23. Is the bluray going to have any kind of visuals to go along with the song audio like Hemispheres did?
  24. Just my 2 cents but I've always been of the opinion that the debut album should not be included in any of these rankings specifically because Neil was not with the band yet
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