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  1. Handcuffs (Brand New) Untitled (Knuckle Puck) I'm Still Here (John Rzeznik) No Role Modelz (J Cole) Hypernight (Title Fight) Chasing Faith (The Underachievers) These 6 songs helped me get through the worst times.
  2. Maybe he played it for How It Is? Seems like the only song in the set that would be played entirely on a 12 string.
  3. Judging from the Xanadu videos, I'd say Alex's double neck is his original one from the 70's! Interesting because for the R30 tour, looked like he was using a different double neck and not the original.
  4. Alex was using a Les Paul with F holes for Tom Sawyer. I want to say it was a LP Florentine but I'm not entirely sure.
  5. For any one who was at the opening night, do you recall the guitars Alex and Ged were playing? There's no equipment tab on the updated Rush website (bummer) but, I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to see the guitars Alex and Geddy brought along! Any pics or links to gear discussions are more than welcome!
  6. That set was so amazing I'm almost in disbelief they'll be playing it more than once! I swear this could've been Rush's last show ever and I would've beyond satisfied. Hopefully I can make a show this tour! :cheers:
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