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Your top 5 the 80's Rush synth songs(Signals - Hold Your Fire)?

Texas King

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Totally agree with the comments about Signals, IMO Moving Pictures and Signals, barring the production values could have been a double album. So my five would be in no particular order;


Grand Designs

Force Ten

Kid Gloves


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Red Sector A

Between the Wheels


Turn the Page

I sought of picked songs where the keyboards were to the fore but I had to have a great Alex solo there.Between the Wheels is probably my fave solo of all beating out La Villa,Limelight,etc

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I don't put Signals in The Snyth Era so here are mine.


1. The Big Money

2. Marathon

3. Time Stand Still

4. Manhattan Project

5. Mystic Rhythms


...how? It's literally one of their top three most synth filled albums, and the only one of those top three where the guitar really gets blocked out by the sytnth parts regularly.

This is just my humble opinion. When I listen to Signals I still hear the Broone Era. The album is certainly a harbinger of what is to come. Yet the snyth still compliments the traditional instruments. Then comes GUP where to this day the snyth sounds almost jarring, seemingly overwhelming the strings and drums. Then The Snyth Era has begun for me.


Agreed. Signals is more like Pictures than GUP to me.

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Losing It

Distant Early Warning


Open Secrets

The Body Electric

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This is difficult!


1. Subdivisions

2. Prime Mover

3. Territories

4. The Big Money

5. The Enemy Within



The irony here is that Grace Under Pressure is my favourite album of this era, while Signals is my least favourite. In fact, I like the albums in the reverse order of the songs listed! I also kept going back & forth over if I like The Enemy Within or The Body Electric better before I settled on one and I still don't know if I made the right choice!

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