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  1. Is it weird to be on-the-fence about preordering this, especially since it's my favorite album of all time? I'm interested in the LP version but I already have Moving Pictures and Exit Stage Left on vinyl. The appeal would be purely to hear the new concert recording... do you all think there's a chance it will sound even better than Exit Stage Left? I wish there was a bootleg of this concert just to kind of scope it out.
  2. I've been wondering about this for years. Honest to god. It just seems bizarre to play as the last encore song on EVERY TOUR until 1991 and then NEVER AGAIN. Like did Geddy just realize one night on the Presto tour, "Holy shit, has this song actually always sucked and we didn't realize it?" And then after that, the encore was a medley of 2112, Finding My Way, La Villa, Anthem, Red Barchetta and Spirit of Radio, Which for the record, is roughly 1000x cooler.
  3. 1. Xanadu 2. La Villa Strangiato 3. Natural Science 4. 2112 5. The Camera Eye 6. Jacob's Ladder 7. Hemispheres 8. The Fountain of Lamneth 9. Clockwork Angels (at 4 seconds longer than Jacob's Ladder, I vote for its inclusion) 10. By Tor and the Snow Dog 11. The Necromancer
  4. 1. The Analog Kid 2. Subdivisions 3. New World Man 4. Distant Early Warning 5. Time Stand Still
  5. Featuring Subdivisions and Madrigal: https://www.amazon.c...*=1&*entries*=0) Some context: (https://www.youtube....r/NinjaSexParty) This rules.
  6. working man anthem bastille day 2112 xanadu la villa strangiato spirit of radio limelight analog kid distant early warning marathon force ten presto ghost of a chance animate resist secret touch main monkey business clockwork angels
  7. I really wish they had played How It Is at either of the R40 shows I saw.
  8. Vapor Trails Ranked: 1. Secret Touch 2. One Little Victory 3. Earthshine 4. Ceiling Unlimited 5. How It Is 6. Ghost Rider 7. Stars Look Down 8. Sweet Miracle 9. Out of The Cradle 10. Vapor Trail 11. Freeze 12. Nocturne 13. Peaceable Kingdom
  9. Best To Worst: Moving Pictures Signals Permanent Waves Grace Under Pressure Hemispheres Power Windows A Farewell To Kings 2112 Vapor Trails Fly By Night Caress Of Steel Clockwork Angels Hold Your Fire Roll The Bones Presto Rush Counterparts Snakes And Arrows Test For Echo Feedback But they are all 10/10 in my book.
  10. I just want to live my life in a never ending rush concert lol
  11. This is a pretty amazing thing - just 6 hours of bootleg recordings. Super rad.
  12. Signals: Live In Hartford 83' honestly, I'm just using this thread to keep track of my favs at this point lol
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