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    Clockwork Angels in '12
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    La Villa Strangiato
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    Permanent Waves
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    Seeing them in '04 for R30 playing all the old classics. Saw them in '96 and sat very close to stage and used binoculars to watch Neil's method. Meeting Geddy in 2000 and got his autograph
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    Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Yes, Steely Dan
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  1. Cygnus X-1 Tom Sawyer Driven Natural Science 2112 Overture, Temples of Syrinx, Grand Finale
  2. I've heard this argument for years. I'm a drummer, and I'm VERY unbiased and for me it's simple, it's Neil Peart. Bonzo had power, feel, tremendous swing, had a quick foot on the bass pedal and he did come before NP so he had an influence on him and other drummers of the era. But NP gets more points. He was WAY more technical, more precise, WAYYY more creative, had more stamina, more discipline, gets points for longevity. NP's productive output of 40 years of albums and concert tours was way more than Bonzo's relatively short 12 years. I've seen concert footage of Bonzo in his later years and he looked lazy and tired and (fat). He was very young at 32 when he died. So he should still have been in his prime in his later years, but surely didn't play like it. I can play any Zep song,.....but can't play many Rush songs. NP played well into his 60s and still kicked ass everynight. Need I say more?
  3. Sometimes I think the guys in Rush are clueless about what the fans really want. Gene Simmons from Kiss once said, "without the fans, you are nothing". I can respect being artistically driven and ambitious and trying new things but this era in the mid to late 80s and early 90s was way too much for me. They went WAY too far off center in a different direction for too long. Neil once said "if he were a fan, Power Windows would be a favorite album because it's richly textured". Huh? The sound of hard rock/metal was changing and evolving during this time and the guitar sound was getting heavier and crunchier. But Rush's guitar sound was disappearing. Geddy, Alex, and Neil, if you're reading this,...you are a progressive hard rock power trio. A power trio, not a power duo. You're not The Human League, A Flock Of Seagulls, Kajagoogoo, or A-Ha. When I think of rock, I think of guitar, not keyboards. The album cover of A Show Of Hands shows a cartoon person (supposed to be Geddy) playing a keyboard. What's up with that? I'm just venting.
  4. I was horrified when I first heard this song. I hated it. Too many keyboards/weird sound effects thrown in, especially in the beginning. It reminds me of one of the George Lucas prequels with so many computer effects thrown in to overwhelm you. Then they start jamming for awhile and they actually sound like Rush again. The middle jam section is pretty good. And the drumming is very creative and phenomenal. The drumming saves this song. If I listen to it now, I block out the other noise and appreciate the drumming. I gave it 3 stars....barely. The rest of Power Windows is, well,......not "power"ful. It's more like manual broken windows.
  5. I agree about the misstep of including letters to Brutus in Ghost Rider. There were many letters throughout the book, and if I remember correctly, there was one whole "letters" chapter or section devoted soley to the letter correspondence between Neil and Brutus. Seriously?
  6. Easily 5 stars for me. Great drumming! I've always wondered though what that growling/farting/burping sound is during the guitar solo. Supposed to be a devil dog in heat at the gates of hades or something?
  7. Roll The Bones or Time Stand Still
  8. Any thoughts on which Neil Peart book is the best? I liked Travelling Music. Although they're all well written, and offers a glimpse into the life of the Master, I thought they were all kinda boring...almost like a diary. Unnecessary details about what he had for dinner.
  9. It's amazing how Zeppelin got away with stealing other people's songs early in their career. Listen to YouTube: Zeppelin plagiarism and you'll see that they stole many songs from artists including Jake Holmes (total blatant ripoff of Dazed and Confused), and Joan Baez (total complete ripoff of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You). Zep stole early blues/folk songs and turned them heavier. So, once again, Rush has my vote. In fact, Rush wrote every single one of their songs (NOT ONE COVER), for the first 30 years of their career! Not until Feedback did they ever commercially release a cover tune! Lots of respect there. Not even the Beatles, Stones or Zep do that!
  10. I'm going with Working Man because Jimmy Page ripped off Dazed and Confused from Jake Holmes.
  11. Tempus Fugit and Machine Messiah are the standout tracks...I don't care who's singing it.
  12. I thought The Force Awakens was WAY overrated. A complete rip-off of A New Hope. Critics were too easy on it. Very un-original. Rogue One was much better.
  13. Yeah, it is a lame video. Time Stand Still video is worse. Super cheezy! We're they tryin' to piss their fans off? His sissy bass, the clothes....check out their style in the Red Sector A video: Ged's threads looks like Miami Vice and Alex's hair A Flock Of Seagulls. What happened? In Beyond The Lighted Stage documentary Ged admits that they're clueless with stage clothes...but c'mon. Being clueless is one thing, but trying to look like absolute horses asses? Why not just wear jeans and t-shirts? Ged's hair later in the 80s was super gay.
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