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Los Angeles, CA Periscope Thread - August 1, 2015


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I've always wanted to see them multiple times a tour. It was only in the millenial tours that it became feasible for me but something always came up. Shows of my own, etc. So it wasn't until this tour that I finally managed it. But what a great tour to manage it.


I went nuts on Test for Echo tour - first time I had time and money to do it. (It wasn't outrageously expensive, because I could stay with friends, etc.) 11 shows


My first was P/G


Ha! That's awesome!


I started with p/g as well.


I was at one show with you - 2002 Woodlands!


I'll be damned. That was a great show, too.


Make that two shows - I was at ABQ opening night of Time Machine as well. Breaking Bad. Got 10000 feet high before the show. ;)


That was the only opener I've seen. Loved it, but the wind screwed with the sound something fierce!


The wind was brutal. I loved that show, but seeing the Tulsa opener just blew ABQ out of the water. I guess knowing 9 songs that would definitely be played hampers that experience.


And I got 10,000 feet high on my drive to ABQ as well!


Got 14000 feet high later that year before the Red Rocks show! :)

That's been on my Rush bucket list. Hopefully......

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Dinklage is so much more into it than Mink. Gotta respect the original guy, but man that was f*cking awesome


Plus, if you've seen that little backstage video with Dinklage - to hear him tell the story of being inspired by Mink, etc.


very moving.

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