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Name a Self-titled Album that was NOT an artist's debut.

rocket ignites

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It's always been a pet peeve of mine when an artist puts out an album (non debut) and self titles it. Feels lazy to me, and many of my favorite artists are guilty of it.


A-Z is probably too hard, so just throw a band/artist out there and where in the order it came out if you can.


My second favorite band...


King's X (4th album)

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Van Halen 3. Heh not really


Usually i find they do that when its a restatement of purpose. Genesis because they then began to embrace the group concept of recording an album.

Peter Gabriel intentionally did that because he wanted each album to be kind of like a magazine cover where the title stayed the same but the cover art changed.


Kings X because they pushed their proggy tendencies aside and became a bit more straightforward. Thats just my opinion YMMVOC.



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Dream Theater - Dream Theater (12th album)

Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost (10th album)

I found the DT album as disappointing as the non-title. Love "A dramatic turn of events" though.

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