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What songs are your current jams?

The Analog Cub

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Seeing Phish at Bethel Woods ( Woodstock 69' site ) on Friday.


Mike's Song ( lights and all ) is playing over and over in my head.



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I'll own up... I just now realized this thread is meant to be songs that we've played on guitar/bass/etc. hence the word "jams", also hence the specific forum that it's in haha although in my defense people often say "this is my jam" to a song they like, so really could go either way.

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51 minutes ago, Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios said:

Rush - Distant Early Warning 

    & Between the Wheels

Van Halen - Panama & Hot for Teacher

A nice selection of tunes there and if you can play like Wolfie did at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts then I'll pay good money to see/hear it!

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A bit of light vs dark:-


Bloodgood - The Messiah (Christian Rock Band singing about Jesus I think)


Van Halen - Runnin' with the Devil (Dave riffin on living fast with the Devil - yeah I know, he's being metaphorical...I think! Too scared to learn a Slayer or black metal song so this will have to do for balance!)



The Beta Band - Dry the rain (seen Hi Fidelity?)

Cinderella- Gypsy Road





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