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What songs are your current jams?

The Analog Cub

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In honor of Taylor H, I think I will work on some FF material (guitar). Don't really know it that well, so I will probably work on the common 'radio' songs.


All My Life is a fun guitar song, and it's easy to get some of the chords wrong.


I like to jam on a lot of songs from the first album.


This is a Call

I'll Stick Around

Big Me


For All The Cows


I know Taylor Hawkins didn't have anything to do with that album, but it's the Foo Fighters that I like the most.

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Thin Lizzy - Emerald

Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son

Screaming Trees - Dying Days

AC/DC - Back in Black

Funkadelic - Hit it or Quit it

Masters of Reality - Third man on the moon

Ben Harper - Glory and consequence

Morcheeba - The Sea

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School of Rock new season: One way or Another and Happy Ending (avril): doing basic keys.

Raise Your Glass: bass

I Got the Music In Me: rhythm guitar


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this past week

John Maus - Just Wait Til Next Year

Steve Walsh - Glossolalia 

Steve Walsh - Kansas

The Voidz - Where No Eagles Fly

gavin m - The Rodents Discussions

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Cracking myself up with these choices...but they're darn fun


Styx - Come Sail Away, Lady

Tull - Skating Away

AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill


A sane choice...

Clapton - After Midnight

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