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15 - Best Song From Counterparts


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • Animate
    • Stick It Out
    • Cut to the Chase
    • Nobody's Hero
    • Between Sun and Moon
    • Alien Shore
    • The Speed of Love
    • Double Agent
    • Leave That Thing Alone
    • Cold Fire
    • Everyday Glory

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QUOTE (presto123 @ Apr 17 2012, 03:36 AM)
Animate although there are many right there with it.



For me, it's almost a 3-way tie between:



Cut To The Chase

Leave That Thing Alone


Those are the 'cream of the crop' for me...though pretty much every song on CP kicks ass! 1022.gif

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Animate. Now that sounds like Rush! Loved the back to basics approach. A very lyrical, melodic and interesting album. One of their finest efforts. Regarding Animate, Geddy says "That's the sound of my amp exploding!" And it sounded like it. Awesome! 1022.gif
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What an album this is! Without a doubt a must-listen for anybody.


The best song, in my opinion, is between Nobody's Hero and Everyday Glory, both of which are two of the best and most underrated songs they ever made.

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I'm torn between Animate and Leave That Thing Alone. They're my two faves. It's interesting how I've heard multiple people say that they've grown to love this album but hadn't at first. Same with me. In fact most of the late 80s/90s stuff didn't do much for me at all at the time but I've learned to love it since. I think the guys have been ahead of their time for a long time.
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I fell in love with this album the moment I first heard it. It was exactly what I wanted to hear: big, loud drums, heavy guitars, straight-forward alternative rock. Lovely! I would rank the tracks like so:


1. Nobody's Hero

2. Everyday Glory

3. Double Agent

4. Animate

5. Between Sun & Moon

6. Stick It Out

7. Cut To The Chase

8. Leave That Thing Alone

9. Alien Shore

10. Cold Fire

11. The Speed Of Love

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For me personally, I think Counterparts is their best post Power Windows effort, and as a whole it's a pretty strong album. That said, my favorite song from Counterparts is definitely Animate. I love the drive of the song, even though it might be simple compared to other songs, Geddy's flamenco style bass line in this song is one of my all time favorite bass lines. Cold Fire and Between The Sun and Moon are my other two favorites.
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