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15 - Best Song From Counterparts


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • Animate
    • Stick It Out
    • Cut to the Chase
    • Nobody's Hero
    • Between Sun and Moon
    • Alien Shore
    • The Speed of Love
    • Double Agent
    • Leave That Thing Alone
    • Cold Fire
    • Everyday Glory

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I didn't think I would pick an instrumental but I did. I am always coming back to Leave That Thing Alone. I love the Bass in it.
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Okay, this album weirded me out a bit at first because it seemed more and more like Neil wrote all the lyrics about sex, but getting past probably my least favorite of Neil's lyrics in a few of the songs, the music started being pretty awesome. If one kind of blocks out the most off-putting of the lyrics it's a very consistently good album, with the middle few songs only coming off a bit less awesome than the first four and final few. A definite improvement over Roll The Bones, and the first great guitar based Rush album since PeW/MP. It's tough to pick a favorite though. I think it's got to be between the first four, but each has so much going for it...I guess I should pick the one which stood out to me the most on first listen, so my vote goes to "Nobody's Hero." Very beautiful, a sign of distant future things to come with the likes "Halo Effect," "The Wreckers," and "The Garden" methinks.
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I was lukewarm towards "Animate" for a long time, but something about it clicked for me recently and it is now my favorite. Why they haven't played it more often is beyond me.


"Leave That Thing Alone", "Cut To The Chase", "Cold Fire", "Double Agent" all great as well. Counterparts is still a fantastic record IMO, maybe the best produced Rush album ever.

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Changed my vote to Double Agent, though it's still close between that, Nobody's Hero, and Cut To The Chase (which they should've played instead of Animate on R40, but Animate went over really well, so it's all good).
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For, and to me, I chose "Animate". The songs "Everyday Glory", and "Nobody's Hero" are close in second, and third from "Counterparts".
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11. The Speed Of Love

10. Alien Shore

9. Between Sun & Moon

8. Double Agent

7. Everyday Glory

6. Cold Fire

5. Nobody's Hero

4. Stick It Out

3. Cut To The Chase

2. Animate

1. Leave That Thing Alone

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I'm one of those Counterparts adorers.

Leave That Thing Alone is actually my favourite Rush instrumental, for no other reason than Geddy's bass and because I like it. I acknowledge that YYZ and La Villa are technically better.

Cold Fire though...God I love it.

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