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    At some point in history the note A has been 435hz and even 432hz. If you tune your guitar to 432hz it would sound amazing as all frequencies harmonises better. However, it doesn't work on music already recorded as 440hz, as far as I know.
  2. My first album from Rush and an all-time favorite.
  3. And Power Windows joined the collection. These reissues really does sound great and I somehow forgot. So, goodbye money I don't have yet
  4. Bought the reissued A Show of Hands vinyl and was amazed at how much better it sounds compared to my old worn out copy. If all the reissues are remastered like this one, I will have to replace all my old copies.
  5. second time watching this. It's just as creepy as when I watched it at the cinema, if not more because of the more intimate feeling of the living room. Can't wait to part two.
  6. It's good that you care for your friend like that! I feel blessed that he, and my other friend that I mentioned, live on the same street. It's really something to have that kind of friendship.
  7. I was a pallbearer for both my grandparents. While it is an honor there's also a very heavy feeling that comes with it that can be hard to shake. It really is something huge to think about knowing that you're helping to take that person to their final resting place. I was a pallbearer at my fathers funeral, so I kind of knew in advance what to expect. Knowing how much it meant to me, to carry my father the last way, I had no doubt that I wanted to help my friend in doing the same for his mother. But I really had to keep my composure.
  8. This is more like a recap of the last couple of days ... Thursday I had my last exam which went well. So now I have a bachelor degree in web development! :fuckinputer: ;) Friday I was out shooting a music video with a friend, and I even had a supporting role. That video had wine tasting, driving in a limo and fine dining with champagne in it. The video is for a hip hop song where I'm laying down some guitar on the outro, so in a few months I'm going to be in a music video and featured on a record. Saturday I was helping shooting another music video for the same guy, but this time I was behind the camera all day. So, all in all, not a bad way to "celebrate" :7up: :D :banana: :cheerleader: :yay:
  9. My friends mom passed away and the funeral was this friday. My friend asked me to help carry the coffin out of the church, which I of course was honoured to do. It's hard seeing my friend go through this, but another friend and I live close by and are keeping an eye on him.
  10. :ebert: Love is a great thing! I'm happy for you! Well she hasn't answered yet, and now she barely texts me back so I guess it got too serious for her liking. So be it. I'm still happy because I was honest about myself the whole way, so I get to keep my self respect
  11. I'm almost done with my major thesis and about to complete my bachelor in web development. I have my own appartment, and hopefully soon a job too. Everything seems to be working out for me. And it's fun feeling like an 8th grader when asking your date if she wants to be your girlfriend. If this keeps going like it is, I'm gonna faceplant on the moon
  12. I finally managed to meet a sweet woman that I like and who likes me back. I feel so blessed right now
  13. Cut back on carbohydrates and focus on meat and vegetables. Also make sure you get the right kind of fats and don't be frugal with it. That's what I did and I got my flat stomach back. I usually eat a steak for breakfast with green beans, or scrambled eggs with fried kale, and for lunch and dinner it's something with meat, one or two kind of vegetables and seasoning. Sometimes also heavy cream. The best thing I have done is cut down on pasta, rice and potatoes which are heavy in starch and sit in your intestines for too long. The difficult part is getting used to not feeling the belly stretching.
  14. The mother of a friend of mine tried to commit suicide, but thankfully she was found and taken to the emergency. My friend and I was up the whole night taking care of and supporting him. :(
  15. Jesus Christ, just go in there when you need it, and buy it like a gentleman or lady.
  16. With some of the cast from Police Academy, so I watched Police Academy 1 and 2 after.
  17. I have only seen it once and it messed with me so much I haven't seen it since. Sometimes I wonder how it will be to watch again, but last time I had to deal with depressing thoughts afterwards.
  18. This is what made my weekend: Going on a date friday, watching The Killing of a Sacred Deer, having a little wine and kisses. Saturday spent with family, and sunday evening was movie night with friends. :7up:
  19. http://www.moviestruckers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/the-killing-of-a-sacred-deer-poster.jpg I highly recommend this!
  20. I'm feeling very high amounts of extroversion these days. That in itself is nothing to be sad about, but when I'm alone insecure thoughts come bubbling to the surface.
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