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Official Opening Nite Setlist Blowout


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QUOTE (PocketfullofSilver @ Sep 7 2012, 07:25 PM)
holy crap if this is real Nov 3rd cant come soon enough! I need some CA though! Gotta have Anarchist and Seven Cities.

p.s. If they somehow pull out In the End I will streak the Tampa show, someone bring bail money please.

rofl3.gif rofl3.gif rofl3.gif 653.gif 653.gif

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QUOTE (SchemingDemon @ Sep 7 2012, 07:10 PM)
1. Subdivisions
2. Big Money
3. Force Ten
4. Grand Designs

Okay, okay...



Now the cynic inside me (not really diggin' GD) just kicked in the balls by the 14-year-old me sitting at the L.A. forum watching the robot escape!!


This set list rocks. I have to stop following this thread, but I'm going to keep going until the mid-set instrumental.








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rofl3.gif Kids and Wife out tonight; I swear I am 17again, sitting in my room with lights off and "stereo" blasting! So hoped when they wind things down they would give us a signals or full GUP boot; but now just have to wait for this tour's DVD!!!!

Thanks Guys! Well Done!! 653.gif

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