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  1. SPOILERS!!!!! Upon seeing the set list, the videos, and the stage changes not to mention decent seats are suddenly becoming available...Hmmmm...Imagine that.....I've had a change of heart, and am probably gonna go. I'm going to wait some more before buying tickets 'cuz prices and good seat availability are sure to get even better which was my biggest complaint from the get go. BTW...I checked tickets for St. Paul...You can get 3rd row right now, resale (imagine that again) for 387. In Tampa, where I'm going, a comparable seat is 1082 dollars!!!! I know that's at the extreme end of the spectrum but you don't start seeing tickets for 387 until you get to row 23...Hell there's even some section 306 (top tier, all the way across the arena from the stage going for more than 3rd row in St. Paul. Alright, I'm done complaining. See you at the show!!!
  2. I've been a fan for 35 years, seen 'em over 20 times on every tour since Signals and lived the fan-boy RUSH lifestyle (gave that up ages ago), but so far there is nothing compelling me to want to see this tour. Even that it might be the last chance I have. To me, the set list is going to be a hugely important factor. The last set I really loved was the R30 Tour. The last few tours, even the Time Machine Tour were just OK, I thought the shows were good, but they just didn't play what I wanted to hear, pre PoW material. Lot's of bands are touring now just playing older material, hopefully RUSH will follow suit. And then there is the ticket price. We've all bitched about it. I feel it's almost criminal. I know how the price BS works and all the why's and how's of the deal, but that doesn't justify anything for me. Simply put, I don't wan't to pay that much for a decent seat....I'm not going to pay what is demanded for a decent seat, and I'm not going to be satisfied unless I'm up close. I've been up close a lot, front row for a few shows, and in the first few for many shows, 'cuz it was easy to get tickets and they didn't cost an arm and a leg before. And I've had not-so-great seats, and up close blows anything else away. That's all there is to it, no comparison. But as great as it is being up close, I just can't justify the expense now. It's just too much and I'd rather skip this last chance which I guess really doesn't mean as much to me as it used to, than to get raped by a ticket broker, Ticketmaster, and ultimately the band I've loved for years. Anybody else feel this way?
  3. From wikipedia: Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, with the sixth highest per capita income in America,[5] and the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the US.[6] Real estate is among the most expensive in the country, with houses for sale in excess of $40 million.
  4. Neil says in his book that Florida Police in general are by far the worst in America and I believe him. He also says that Florida people in general are the rudest by percentage, but there are still 9 good ones for every bad one. Can't comment on that as I've never visited the State. Having grown up in the north east and moving to Florida 30 years ago, I tend to agree with Neil. As a whole, the cops are alright, but there are many who are just savages, liars, and criminals with badges and guns. There are countless stories of bad cops here. And rude people, yeah, there's tons of those as well as anywhere I suppose. I've thought about this a lot and there are a few reasons for this, the main being that Florida is a transient state where people are coming and going all the time. Just like I did, people from all over the USA, Canada, and the world grow up somewhere else and then move here for whatever reason, a job, retirement, the climate, school etc...But they still call the place they grew up "home". It's like we're all on a permanent vacation here, visiting and just waiting to go back home. In many cases people will move here, live in one place for a while and then move away, often times to other parts of the state and in many across just across town as new neighborhoods, and entire cities are being built like anthills. I've said this to many people but if you haven't been here for a while or you live in other places, other than Florida, you simply cannot comprehend the scope of the development that has gone on down here in the last 40 years. The point is, there is very little or no sense of community here with little camaraderie as few consider the place they've moved to, "home" and few consider their neighbors, "friends" but more like strangers living next door. That's not to say it's like that everywhere, it's not. There are great communities everywhere here, but the "this is not home" atmosphere pervades. This leads to one thing. People don't care about each other. I'll get mine and it's up to you to get yours is an underlying theme in living here. Get it while you can and at any expense, anyhow because it might not be there long and whoever did get it won't be around long either. This seems to hold true, some more than in others, to most people, teachers, cops, beauticians, lawyers right on down the line. The other thing is that people by the tens of millions come here to simply visit, they call another place home and they intend to go back in a very short time. "Community" isn't even a thought and they have an even shorter amount of time to "get theirs", they are scrambling even harder and faster to get all they can while they can.....So get out of the way!!!! Millions of people looking out for themselves only, and trying to grab as much of what little there is in as little time as possible leads to rudeness on a whole new level.
  5. Lost was a good show when it was on in prime time. It had a new way of telling the story, the characters were intriguing and the story, as far fetched as it became was as well. I was hooked. Sure it got really crazy, stupid even, but I spent years watching it, as opposed to binge watching, and I developed a fondness for the characters and it became a real, "OMG....what's going to happen next" kind of show. Now I've said this a thousand times, the last season sucks. At the end of season five the shows takes such a crazy left turn it becomes just stupid. It's like a totally different show. I hated it. Others have said they liked or even loved it. Like I said, when it ran for the first time it was cool, interesting, mysterious, and great entertainment. Not so sure how well that would hold up now, just a few years later, but at the time, Lost was great.
  6. Born there, but don't live there anymore......Too cold!!!
  7. GI Joe ripped them off with his Kung Fu grip.
  8. I thought it was a good episode especially the ending with Eugene and his secret. I liked the flashbacks into the red headed guys past too. It's interesting to see how these people got to where they did and how they survived. You could almost make another series based on past events in characters lives. Overall this season has been the best, even the Beth episode wasn't that bad. At least I haven't found myself screaming in my head saying "why are you doing that, or why don 't you do this?!!!" Although I still think they should find some heavy construction equipment or military vehicles to plow through the herds of walkers with.
  9. This season sucks too. They've already killed off possibly the best character in the entire run of the show in Twisty. Again Jessica Lange sucks again and her accent is the worst...The good news is it isn't as bad as the last season and visually it's at its best with the freaks, the circus environment, the creepy derelict bus and the whole freak show camp. Just another corny story line.
  10. No shit!! Started on the edge of my seat with suspense followed by tons of fist pumping!! SPOILER!!! SPOILER!!!!! Holy shit balls was all I could think. Did you catch the guy at the end of the trough was that kid that Rick and Carol ran into when they were on that run early in season 4? http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131104212009/walkingdead/images/c/cc/Season_four_sam.png http://wtbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Sam-in-The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Premiere-14130698071.jpg Nice find!!!! I never would have noticed that...although with the amount of attention he was given, my wife asked if we knew him from somewhere or knew who he was.
  11. No to the above. And yes about Hemmingway.
  12. I agree. More than with any other band, I need individual cameras of each player. Such a shame how underrepresented Myung was on their latest DVD. They did something like (if not exactly) what you described for Live at Budokan, I believe. http://youtu.be/WtkQMdiT_tk Personally, I like watching the Myung camera for this one. Dude is a beast on the keys. I need to go back and check these out. I only have Live At Budokan, Live At Luna Park and Score on DVD. What should I get next? Watch this clip: http://youtu.be/fFfeQgRcaEE Believe me when I say you've now seen the "Chaos in Motion" DVD highlight :) Go for Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York. Sounds really Rothery-esque.
  13. It's posts like this that make me wish there was a "dislike this" option. So, what albums have you heard from Dream Theater? I mean you've had to listen to them a little bit in order to have such a strong dislike for them, correct? Unfortunately when I heard anything from them I wasn't prepared to write what I was listening to down...I realize I should have because I knew you would, one day, be asking me this question...I've really failed to be a good a DT student. As I mentioned I saw them live in '03 (looked up the year just for you) so whatever they played on that tour I heard, and then other stuff I might have heard on Pandora or Sirius. There was one song I can think of...maybe you can help me with the name...lemme see, the song goes. Ahhhh doodle-doodle-dooooo-tweedle deedle-doodle-baaaaah-baaaah-bang-boom-wha-wha-whaaaaaaam-twang-waaaaang-whaaaaaaaa-deedle-deeeeeeeee-chang-wang-whaaaaaoooooaaaaaahhhh-dun-dah-dah-duh. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes, but I might have transcribed it wrong. Help me out with the title 'cuz that's the only song I can think of right off the top of my head.
  14. I swear to God, I don't know how anybody can listen to this crap. I understand these guys are extraordinary musicians, and they play very well together but here's nothing you can tap your foot to, or nod your head to, or even any section of a song you could consider "jamming" that's more than 4 seconds. It's just "you do a solo, now you do a solo, now you do a solo" over and over and over again. Not to mention the complete sonic overload. I wonder if they don't have contests within the band to see who can play the most notes in one show. I've heard the current record holder is that Jordan Rudess guy with 47 million notes played in one night during a show in Toronto, but each of the other band members were each within 6 notes of that record. Except for the "Lead Singer"...you know...the guy with the part time job who is only on stage about a third as long as the other guys in the band. Think he gets a full cut of ticket and merch sales? I think on their next album he should be replaced with M-n-M, or Eminem, you know...Marshall Mathers, that guy 'cuz he is the only "vocalist" I know of who can cram as many words into one measure as the guys in DT do musical notes. I've also heard that DT's music has to be printed on special paper 'cuz there are so many notes per page that the paper runs the risk of actually exploding if one more note is added to any one page. So you guys be careful out there, 'cuz not only does the music suck, but it's actually dangerous to try to learn. And yes, I have seen DT live back when they toured with Queensryche about 10 or 12 years ago. One of the worst shows I've ever seen. QR were completely lackluster and just sort of "slushed" through their performance and DT was like watching 4 guys (and the occasional 5th guy...wink wink) practicing scales for 2 hours. Just my 2 cents....Which is 2 cents more than DT should be allowed to sell records and concert tickets for.
  15. I was never a fan of The Ramones, but after growing older I can certainly appreciate their impact and influence on music. Any band that came after them, from the late 70's through the early 90's grunge to right now, who claim to be punk or punk influenced owes everything to them. When I was in high school in CT, from '81-'85 and for a year or so afterwards until I we moved away to college, I had a friend who was huge Ramones fan (he claimed to have seen them over 20 times) and he would torture me with Ramones music if he drove us to school. I, being in the peak of my RUSH geekocity, was in hell and reciprocated the deed by torturing him with RUSH when I drove. From those days onward it was easy to hear their influence on so many of the bands that have come and gone. Way more than RUSH have. Sure RUSH has influenced many bands, but The Ramones were pioneers of a genre of music that still exists today. There is a documentary about The Ramones, basically interviews with the band and of those close to the band at the time, which gives a great history of The Ramones. It was made in '04, recorded just before Dee Dee died released afterward. Here's a link. To a geezer like me it was a real time machine. The original member are all dead now. Is there any other band to have all of it's founding members gone? Rest in peace Tommy.
  16. I remember a lot of those commercials. Always loved the Crazy Eddies, I still find myself quoting the.
  17. What a great fight!!!! That was awesome!!!! The Hound got whipped by a girl!!!!
  18. Last two episodes were great. Too bad we gotta wait another year for it...and how come we only get 10 episodes? That's bullshit.
  19. Are we talking about a RUSH song here?
  20. Lester had to find out if Malvo was out to kill him. Also, he didn't actually love her. She was a trophy. That's all. The show is headed for a show down between good and evil. Molly and Gus vs. Lester and Malvo. I don't see how the show is all over the board. The major characters are set up for a resolution. If you're worried about loose ends, I wouldn't. Look at shows like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Lots of loose ends. I thought episode 9 was wonderfully done. I can only imagine the last 90 minutes is going to be intense. I agree, Linda was just his trophy and he obviously didn't love her (or it seems anyone for that matter from the crap he did to his wife, his brother etc...) 'cuz he fed her to the wolves. And he had to be sure Malvo was on the hunt. I don't see the show being all over the place either. Sure there are some major holes, arresting and convicting the brother for the murder of Lesters wife for starters. I think I could have gotten him off..Whoa... ...(that's not what I mean ) of that charge. Anyway there are some pretty big "how did that happen"? or "What's that all about"? questions but they aren't enough to make me want to scream "OH COME ON!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!!!" So far I really like the show and hope the finale is worth the wait and if you want to talk about a show that left us hanging off of about a thousand cliffs...Anybody get sucked into a little gen called Lost?
  21. Frozen Total POS and a complete waste of time. I can't believe this movie got the accolades it did. It sucked out loud. Tangled was a thousand times better.
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