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  1. I will be thinking of Brian while I have my KFC today. Everything in moderation. All the awesome people are named Brian. Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian. One of my best art teachers was named Brian. He just opened his own school. Two of the best figure skaters in North America were named Brian. Brian Eno produced most of U2's albums. Two of my BIL were named Brian. The Life of Brian was one of Monty Python's best works.
  2. I wouldn't go to Toronto again. I've already been there 5 times. No one from the Rush family wants to meet me anyway. I don't really consider myself a Rush fan at all. I have more NIN albums and U2 albums than Rush albums.
  3. My hooded pink Guess coat. There's no picture of that style posted on their website. It goes really nicely with my pink Topshop hat, my pink Gap sweater, my pink glow-light watch, my pink Guess shoes, and my pink Herschel bag.
  4. Sometimes you need to listen to instrumental albums when you're reading, painting, or writing a letter. Listening to music with vocals can be very distracting when you're doing certain activities, including sex.
  5. I saw a Greta Van Fleet video on Stingray. I liked the song, but I forgot the name of it. Their lead singer reminds me of Michael Hutchence.
  6. Ever see a GLOW ROBOT?? No
  7. I watched the 3rd season, but it was so long ago. I don't remember most of what happened. I watched it mostly because it was a favorite show of my friend Nick. He would never shut up about it.
  8. I like Beth. It's one of my favorite Kiss songs. Rod's voice isn't for everyone. It's an acquired taste like Bonnie Tyler and Kim Carnes. I'm just glad I was able to see him before he died. I regretted not going to his concert 3 years ago and I thought he was done touring.
  9. http://www.kn-online.de/var/storage/images/kn/lokales/rendsburg-eckernfoerde/rod-stewart-fussball-verrueckt-auch-auf-der-buehne/16934918-1-ger-DE/Rod-Stewart-Fussball-verrueckt-auch-auf-der-Buehne_ArtikelQuer.jpg
  10. This is my favorite song of his. A lot of people seem to play it at funerals.
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