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  1. If somebody who read the book goes to see the movie, I'd like to know what or who they replaced RUSH with. RUSH was a major plot point in the book -- they were characters who spoke to the fictional character in the book. The fictional character had to know all about Rush to get through a specific trial/obstacle.
  2. There was a review in the Hollywood Reporter - RUSH was left out or on cutting room floor.
  3. The reason the original halloween was so great... they only had $300,000 and had to create suspense with camera and actors... no CGI, green screen or even special makeup... Less is more. Donald Pleasence was only on set for two days. All the limits budget and time forced the filmmakers MAKE a better film by pushing their creativity to max. Look at the Cohen Bros first feature Blood Simple. IMO -- there is absolutely no reason to remake Halloween. I dislike all sequels when there is no point to connoting the story except to make more money. Rob Zombies music is interesting, but his films are so derivative -- copies of films he liked. A film FAN doesn't always make a great filmmaker. Also, John Carpenter is an exception to the rule -- most "masters of horror" are not great filmmakers. They are average filmmakers who capitalize on an early horror success. Wes Craven. Carpenter was pretty good up until late - 80's. The really great horror films were all made by great filmmakers (not "masters of horror) Carrie Exorcist Alien Jaws Rosemarys Baby Psycho The Shinning The Omen
  4. One of my favorite shows in TV. I wish they made more episodes per season.
  5. I consider Speilberg one of the greats of my generation. But Ready Player One without Rush is like... Star Wars without Han. (Rush are actual characters in the book) if you've read the book, you know that RUSH is the soundtrack to ALL the 1980s references, D&D, computers, video games, sciFi... I played every game in that book, owned every computer in that book, and RUSH was always on in the b.g. They are also pivotal character in the stories climax -- 2112 - land!! I'm just not excited to see the film anymore.
  6. Maybe they're just throwing us a bone. To sucker us into coming to see the movie only to be kicked in the balls. Rush is the soundtrack to that book. Wouldn't we have heard if A G & N were in L.A. doing a movie cameo? Since they show up in the book in their 2112 form, robes and all, maybe they're CGI. Like Lea in Rouge One. I could live with that. In fact, I'd love that.
  7. If you weren't 13 in 1980-1985, not sure the books resonates. I played Tomb of Horrors, Tempest, and every video game in the book -- with QUARTERS. Just like Rush is the soundtrack to my life, the book is about a massive video game in a future dystopia. The game represents the fondest memories of my youth. Like listening to people who weren't even born in 1977 talk about what Star Wars should and shouldn't be... it's not your movie.
  8. Alex Geddy & Neil are characters in the book -- helping he main character win the game. There's an entire chapter devoted to 2112. If Rush is not in the movie, we boycott.
  9. Rush is featured in the book. 2112, Temples, A G N. Tom Sawyer included in trailer as background music. If that's all Rush fans get, a trailer nod, we boycott. However, if Rush is properly included in the film... then we make it the most successful film ever. Don't mess with Rush fans.
  10. Musicianship their music plays as a singular musical thought. e.g. in One Little Victory the opening drums don't just set-up or compliment the guitar intro--they demand a guitar intro that fits perfectly with the double base and snare HH combos... (even though we know in their creative process, the guitar/bass are written first) seamless orchestrations, I guess, is the best was to describe what they do. Drums don't just keep time, they transcend the rhythms and beats of a song and become part of a singular composition--the non-melodic becomes part of a melody through the highly creative use of the tones and textures of percussion. The bass simultaneously supports, uplifts, compliments, and sometime upstages the guitar. The lyrics have a point of view, something to say about the world, life, the nature of things.
  11. I think it's time for the fans to stop being selfish. Enjoy the gifts RUSH has given us. Remember fondly the live shows and experiences... And move on with your lives. RUSH doesn't owe you anything.
  12. Subdivisions has synth. So does Tom Sawyer. Limelight. The Spirit of Radio. Xanadue. 2112. So, you really don't like Rush at all then...??
  13. Possibly looking for a pair (or single) for tomorrow night. Staying in Torrance, can meeting in So. Bay area or at show.
  14. IMO - the setlist was planned with more "jam" songs so that he could last the tour and belt out 2112 and the encore oldies as well as he is. He is incredible, their work ethic and dedication to their concert performance is inspiring.
  15. Impartial Fan is an oxymoron. …which makes Impartial Fan Review a paradox. You may park your two boats there if you wish.
  16. I think for this (likely) final tour, I'm going to go without knowing the setlist ahead of time. The experience of going and being completely surprised by what happens and what gems they pull out of the closet is the experience I'm looking for. Like the old days, before the interwebs. For both Snakes & Arrows and Clockwork Angels I knew the setlist ahead of time, and this took away the element of surprise -- that feeling of excitement when I hear the opening chords/riffs of something completely unexpected. (especially when they go old school 70's, then my heart really starts pumping) For Clockwork, I was online for opening night and when Body Electric and Analog Kid were posted, I remember think I wish I didn't know they were going to play these live because they are personal favorites from my first two Rush concerts in '83 and '84 (both at the L.A. Forum). Hearing them live at the Clockwork show in Chicago was great, but... I think you get my point. For Time Machine someone told me they played MP in the second set, that was all I knew going in. So when they cranked out Freewill and Closer to the Heart, I got that natural concert RUSH up my spine. And when started the encore with La Villa-- which was totally unexpected, I was blown away. To everyone going to opening night - Enjoy, you lucky so-n-so's.!!!!! I've got great seats for Chicago show, and may be booking plane tickets as I walk out. I would really love to be there in L.A. on Aug. 1. So for now, signing off until after June 12. RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. So, you review films without actually seeing them. Interesting.
  18. http://deadline.com/2015/03/ready-player-one-movie-steven-spielberg-ernest-cline-warner-bros-1201398299/ Anyone who has read the book knows why this is big news for Rush fans.
  19. R30 was great, but I'd have to go with Clockwork. But hearing MP all the way through... Wow!
  20. No. Please no. No. Don't ruin the first set with too much 90s.
  21. 6mos old, that's a terrible f*cking idea. Totally irresponsible.
  22. That's a 'yes' on the last tour question. Good for them, go out in style.
  23. The 90s were no their strongest years. If this tour is about the favorites, the songs that got the most response from audiences, (as NP said) then they'll be doing the "hits" from every decade and not digging deep. Which is fine by me.
  24. I don't "hate" any RUSH album. Seem like a strong emotion for music... well, there's Justin Beeber. Yeah, hate feels appropriate.
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