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  1. Is that what was going on? Haha I was in the 5th row at that point and I saw Alex kinda bantering with some people in the front row and he threw them a pick, but I didn't know what exactly they were doing
  2. Yeah the sound was a bit ugly, Neil's drums were THUNDERING, and not particularly in a good way. When he started going nuts at the end of Force 10 it actually hurt my ears a bit. There were a couple screw ups like when he sang the wrong lyric in Subdivisions (which I accidentally sung wrong along with him lol) but otherwise it was a great show.
  3. Makes me wonder if the next tour will be full of songs from the 90s. Will we finally get Cut to the Chase??
  4. Ya'll fall for this troll every time.
  5. <--- I'm wearing a Rush shirt in my avatar Wait you can't tell... I'll look for the pic JK it's not even a concert shirt. Oh well
  6. That's Pounds btw, not dollars. I'm wondering why it's in pounds. Curious what the discount code knocks off. I've seen tix for that price in dollars on other sites. I'm looking for one or two for the Hershey show. I hesitate to put my contact info in there just to find out. Aw crap, Pounds? How did I not notice that? :(
  7. Whoa, this site has real cheap floor seats! Row 5 for $90? Row 6 for $105?? Damn! I've never heard of them though, are they completely legit?
  8. I laughed wholeheartedly at Alex's wonderful acceptance speech when I watched it on Youtube the next day. If that counts as a celebration
  9. I didn't really know where to start this thread. But anyways, my friend and I were bored (and very drunk) last night and decided to take a video of me playing the drums on Rock Band. Does anyone else play? Rush is very fun to play, but also very difficult, believe it or not! Check it out: https://www.facebook...19&notif_t=like Sigh I think I missed my calling in life to be a drummer
  10. I wouldn't mind Limelight being thrown into the set at my show. I was lucky and was able to see Middletown and TBE both last year.
  11. I'm positive that I've read an interview before with Geddy saying that he creates all the vocal melodies himself. I can't cite it though.
  12. They're going to Grand Rapids then to Cincinnati... They should've fit Toledo in there! It's right on the way! Looks like I'll be trekking to Grand Rapids this year!
  13. Awesome cover! I was airdrumming along with you the entire time :)
  14. The Necromancer (thought this hasn't been played live?) Lessons Different Strings Emotion Detector Open Secrets Chain Lighting Available Light Everyday Glory The Color Of Right Vapor Trail
  15. Now I'm kind of upset he didn't sing "Tiger's cap" in Detroit
  16. They probably won't change a thing, and if they do, it won't be because of their induction.
  17. Yup, and I definitely started singing when I heard him start Best I Can :D
  18. A very underrated song, but I'm not sure if I'd love to hear it live.
  19. Yup I keep hearing it nonstop on 104.7 in Toledo
  20. My ticket finally got sold in the wee hours of the morning. I can breathe a sigh of relief now!
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