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  1. Hard to describe how goddam awesome it was for me and my wife (my musical soulmate) in Tampa on Sunday. I had goosebumps on top of goosebumps. She has been unable to talk for almost two days because her voice is gone from screaming. Thanks Gedd, Alex and Neil. You guys are truly the best and we wish you all the best.
  2. After 5 glorious days on beautiful St. Pete Beach, my wife n I are locked and loaded at the Marriott. Anticipation does not begin to describe how excited we are. Feel free to say hi if you see us (tall dude with black NP shirt and short blond with black n white starman shirt). Heading shortly to Champions or the Waterside Grill. Have fun if you're going. Set list C, baby!!
  3. My eyes would be completely dry if their last song was anything from CA. Appropriatley imo, 2112 in its entirety should be the last song they ever play as its prolly their most important, if not greatest piece of music. Attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control. Thank you and good night!
  4. If the setlist holds true to form, we should be getting these two songs again tonight in Austin. So far, 6 of my all time favorite 10 Rush songs have been played on this tour which is the best I could have hoped for.
  5. Couldn't believe they brought in Between the Wheels and Camera Eye without losing any of the biggies. I want this to be the setlist in Tampa!!
  6. Will be interesting to see what they do tonight. I'm hoping the only changes occur in the first set.
  7. The Spirit Of Radio Lmao, is that the only guffaw? I blame my grammatical mistakes on the excitment : )
  8. First, a HUGE THANKS to the gentlemen who made it possible to watch opening night unfold right before our eyes. That was just too cool and completely unexpected. Thanks again! So, here’s my take on what I saw/heard on that live feed. Regarding the song choices, it really was a tale of two distinctly different sets. The newer fan base had to like the initial set. For me though, as an old school Rush fan, it was just more of the same of recent tours. I did not attend CA for the simple reason I did not want to hear an hour’s worth of new material, as good as it may be not too mention, the notable absence of too many of my favorites. The big question going in, will this tour be any different? First set: Headlong Flight is the one song from CA that I really like though not sure why they played 3 songs from that album? That’s a bit much imo. I fully expected Far Cry, RTB and One Little Victory so no surprise there and fitting songs for the theme. Also not surprised with Animate, which is my favorite tune from Counterparts and one of the highlights of the first set, for me. Thought perhaps they’d do Test for Echo and/or Show Don’t Tell, popular songs that seem to fit the “retrospective” theme. Nobody’s Hero is another one I thought would be a good choice for the theme. We’ll see what night 2 brings. Good time for an instrumental (MMB a fine choice). Distant Early Warning was my favorite song of the opening night/first set and might be my favorite post Signals tune altogether with the exception of Marathon which thankfully we got on the TM tour. Great choice I thought! On Signals, I would have preferred Analog Kid over Subdivisions but Sub is a great and important song and one of my wife’s fave’s so no complaint really. Pretty much typical first set but I was excited just seeing the show move backwards to the period I salivate for, not that I salivate for periods : \ Setlist two. Get Tom Sawyer out of the way first, I like that. I always love seeing them play Red Barchetta, I mean, it’s a song about a car, right? Next, Spirit of the Radio, always a crowd pleaser and another “must song”. At this point I’m thinking, okay boys, we’re in P-Waves. Moment of truth, right? Been waiting 35 years. Will they or won’t they? And then, BLAM!!! Perhaps the most anticipated song in like, FOREVER, Jacobs fuken Ladder!!! And they nailed it! Goosebumps are fully erect now. It’s “me” time. Moving forward, I was 99.9% sure I would hear some semblance (probably shortened version) of Hemisphere’s. I was right and it was spectacular. This is the music that made Rush, Rush. Next up, Cygnus X-Book 1. I did not expect it but god damn, it is one of the baddest, in your face, blow you out of your seat tunes and I especially loved the short NP solo in the middle. Great timing for that and so glad that Neil isn’t destroying himself with 6 hour drum solos. The closing part of Cygnus was stunningly bad ass!! Now they’re just showing off. Love it!! Next up, former crowd pleaser and Rush concert staple for many a tour, Closer to the Heart. This was the perfect song for its placement and a nice mood change from the intense songs they were playing. Beautifully done! So, what could possibly top this set so far?? Umm, only my very favorite Rush song EVER, Xanadu!! Full version, hell yeah!! My goose bumps are now growing their own goose bumps. Three songs from Kings. Unbelievable!! This is the dream set I’ve been, umm, dreaming of. My other favorite all time Rush number is 2112, which in shortened version, has also become a Rush concert staple. I’ve always felt that 2112 needs to be played in its entirety (see TFE tour) or not at all so I would have been fine with something else if not the full version. Well, they didn’t play the full version but they added another section (Presentation) which did make it more fun and a great part of the all-time setlist that was unfolding.Yeah, I’m good. End of 2nd set. Wow, wow, wubzy! Waiting for the encore I’m thinking, what could possibly top what we just saw/heard? Well, Alex, Gedd and Neil come back out to a fully stripped down stage with nothing more than a few amps and a few lights as if it were 1975 all over again and proceed to rock the house with a medley of Lakeside Park, Anthem and What You’re Doing (who expected that one?). Bar raised even higher!! They finally ended the night with the predictable but always loveable, Working Man, the song where it all began. To strip the stage down like that at the end of the show tells you how comfortable these guys are in their own skin. How many bands could get away with that? Unreal! What a show!! In summation, If you’ve been a Rush fan as many years as I have, this (second set/encore) was a Rush concert for the ages and exactly what I hoped for. More importantly, they sounded in mid-tour form, at least based on what I saw/heard on the feed. The stage set/light show was what we have come to expect from the best live band on the planet. Rush at their very best for perhaps the final time. Needless to say, my wife and I cannot wait until the 24th in Tampa where we will get to see, feel and experience it in person. Enjoy!!
  9. Now we'll just get a bunch of "bitching about the setlist" threads. I don't think anyone is bitching about the second set (see spoilers forum)
  10. A huge thanks to the gentlemen who were kind enough to post these feeds.
  11. They just raised the effin bar. I didn't even know that was possible. Unbelievable!!!!
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