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Official Opening Nite Setlist Blowout


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QUOTE (PocketfullofSilver @ Sep 7 2012, 08:09 PM)
absolutely refresing this page and throwing each song as its annouced. It makes sense to me to go heavy synth since if they are playing a lot of CA it balances it out since CA is so heavy.

I am geeked up now, I cant understand how people cant enjoy the Rush "synth" years. The lyrics are argueably some of the best ever, and the complexity of the music is still there.

Oh don't worry there are ton's of fans who love the 80's synth era.


77-87 is the absolute peak of Rush's brilliance. And now we have an album that is there best since 87 IMO.

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OMG.....The Body Electric......this is an absolute dream setlist.


They are giving us long time hardcore fans the freaking bomb setlist.




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