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01 - Best Song From "Rush"


What is your favorite song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite song from this album?

    • Finding My Way
    • Need Some Love
    • Take A Friend
    • Here Again
    • What You're Doing
    • In The Mood
    • Before and After
    • Working Man

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I always thought that it was a wasted opportunity that they played In the Mood so often on their tours, even into the 80's. I guess it's because Geddy wrote all of it, because it's simply not a very good song. Oh well. I just wish they would have played some other rarities from time to time.
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Working Man ....she said, as she prepared to run the gauntlet on her quest for the sacred 2112th post...
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I love Before and After and of course, Working Man, but What You're Doing has always been my favorite form this album. I think of all the songs on the album it personifies the name RUSH more than any of the others, and the guitar solo is soooooooo bitchin'.
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Need Some Love. Probably one of the most underrated Rush songs of all time. I think it's because they became so technical that it gets tossed aside as another uncreative boogie rock song. The chugging backbeat, the groove; it's lack of experimentation is why it goes on quietly unnoticed as one of their pariahs. I think of it as not only my favorite from the first album, but easily one of my favorite Rush songs ever (despite Neil's absence). It is so simple and playful. It's short. It's sweet. It's fun. Besides, the whole first album is awesome! I'm just taking the side of this unappreciated little gem, which I love very much.
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QUOTE (Digital Man @ Aug 24 2004, 05:21 PM)
Damn, I'm always backing the last place. 

Here Again, just love the "crying" guitar

To be honest, "Here Again" is the only song that I could describe as "good" from the album, in terms of the songwriting. On the other hand, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy listening to some of the other tracks, such as "Finding My Way", "What You're Doing" and "Before And After". However, I had to choose "Working Man", because of the fantastic guitar playing that takes up the majority of the song. It's definitely my least favourite Rush album, though it's fun to listen to now and again.

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I find it a little difficult to view this album the same way I do the others, but John Rutsey served his purpose.


He's not Neil and that's all there is to that.


But he was a good rock=n=roll drummer for the album. That album did not need Neil's (potential sophistication) based on it's raw energy. For their first album, I thought it perfect that the focus be on Alex and Geddy just ripping.




Fave: Here Again.


... and being a big Reggae fan, I love what they've done with Working Man.



Friggin dying ... can't wait to see them.




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I could go with Finding My Way, Here Again, or Working Man, each for different reasons. Here Again - the solo is so moody and emotional, Working Man - great rif and and a lot of guitar. But, went with Finding My Way because it is such a perfect debut album opening song.
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This is a easy one, I must say Working Man, because thats the song that sound most Rush-ish on this LP. All the other songs on this one sounds more like normal Rock-songs, I dont think that Rush really had found their right sound yet. Edited by Zumbi
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