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    New York
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    Design, Illustration, travel

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    June 29, 2015- MSG New York City
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    Power Windows, Vapor Trails
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    Getting their autographs, 4th row center stage seats, meeting Donna Halper
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    Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Yes, etc. Basically all Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Prog Rock
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    violin, viola, electric guitar, electric violin
  1. The Blair Witch Project I loved it!
  2. Ah man, geddy does sound pissed... At least he's working on SOMETHING instead of nothing! Still, it makes me feel sick to my stomach whenever I hear about Rush not doing anything anymore :(
  3. Neil by far! He's gotta have some muscle after pounding those drums for all these years!
  4. I personally LOVE the remix. Lots of new sounds that were added as well as the clear, crisp sound, unlike the original distorted, compressed album. Makes my favorite Rush album even better!! :) :rush:
  5. when I see Rush I normally bring a camera and snap a few photos throughout the night, however I don't have it out the entire time because it's annoying and rude to the people around me. Its important to just put the devices away and enjoy the night!!!
  6. I doubt that's real, must be a mistake or something. Rush would never do that without announcing it on their official website or something like that!
  7. you have a kitty named Geddy Lee and a bunny rabbit named Alex Lifeson :D
  8. I love those two songs together. Such amazing, brilliant masterpieces! :rush:
  9. I love maiden! My favorite songs are: Wasted Years, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Phantom Of the Opera, and The Wicker Man :)
  10. how is this even a question? Rush, of course! :rush: :D
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