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  1. The Blair Witch Project I loved it!
  2. Ah man, geddy does sound pissed... At least he's working on SOMETHING instead of nothing! Still, it makes me feel sick to my stomach whenever I hear about Rush not doing anything anymore :(
  3. Neil by far! He's gotta have some muscle after pounding those drums for all these years!
  4. I personally LOVE the remix. Lots of new sounds that were added as well as the clear, crisp sound, unlike the original distorted, compressed album. Makes my favorite Rush album even better!! :) :rush:
  5. when I see Rush I normally bring a camera and snap a few photos throughout the night, however I don't have it out the entire time because it's annoying and rude to the people around me. Its important to just put the devices away and enjoy the night!!!
  6. I doubt that's real, must be a mistake or something. Rush would never do that without announcing it on their official website or something like that!
  7. you have a kitty named Geddy Lee and a bunny rabbit named Alex Lifeson :D
  8. I love those two songs together. Such amazing, brilliant masterpieces! :rush:
  9. I love maiden! My favorite songs are: Wasted Years, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Phantom Of the Opera, and The Wicker Man :)
  10. how is this even a question? Rush, of course! :rush: :D
  11. I write left handed, but I do guitar & viola and everything else right handed!
  12. I bought two VIP seats for the opening night of the Clockwork Angels tour in Manchester, New Hampshire. I knew a lot of people would be going to this one so I wasn't expecting to be in the first 6 or 10 rows. We bought them about 4 minutes after they went on sale, and we scored 4th row center stage seats. I'd say we did really well and I'll definitely do it again if they tour again! :D :rush:
  13. What I honestly think will happen is that they will take their break for about 2 years, then they will go back into the studio and write another album and tour again for that album. But for that tour I don't think they will play for as long as they did this tour, like they will only play for an hour or so (which might mean they would have an opening act). After that, I don't know! I don't ever want them to stop, I love them too much :'( But I think if they honestly, physically can't tour anymore, then they will stop. Remember Geddy said "For as long as we can, as long as we're still standing" In that interview? I think he really meant that. :) I think they will keep going for as long as they can.
  14. I'm bored, so here ya go :) http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r688/abby-2112/Screenshot2013-08-14at60815PM_zps5fcb4ae9.png This photo of me reminds me of Paula Turnbull on Permanent Waves :P http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r688/abby-2112/Screenshot2013-08-15at6_zps4c67ec64.jpg That is all! :rush:
  15. http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r688/abby-2112/yep_zpsf0ef16c0.png :rush:
  16. I've almost washed my phone about 10 times!
  17. Thank you so much! :) I ended in 8th place, i just kept dropping down the list. oh well :(
  18. I dont know! I have posted EVERYWHERE (facebook, twitter, tumblr, TRF, counterparts) multiple times and people are voting but im NOT moving up! I dont get it! :(
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