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  1. Great doc on their last "BIG" tour. Since 1976 I have been a big Rush fan :) It's a bit sad to know that they won't be hitting the road for tours.
  2. MP is a really great album, but as for sound and difficulty of the music, Hemispheres is the perfect masterpeiece
  3. MMMM, lots of good input here :) -Even from the "Hey! Its already been posted here before" non-official forum police/bullies.
  4. What do you think? Could Geddy and Alex put out an album or two as Lee/Lifeson and go out on the road for a small tour and play small clubs or theaters.....all without Neil, but with his blessing and with a different drummer?......and not as Rush. -Discuss.
  5. Yes, without a doubt. -They played their best on that technically challenging album.
  6. Now that was some of the best reporting I have read in a long. long time
  7. Two hours before Rush hit the stage, (ORCH center) floor seats went on sale on the venue's website. $127.00.....
  8. If I don't pick anything up here I'll go over to the venue and see what is released at the last minute
  9. Still looking...and I will take two if you have them...Thanks! :)
  10. Do you have an extra ticket for the May 30th show in Bristow VA? -I'm willing to pay you a little extra for your trouble for a great seat. -Shoot me a PM with the details. Thanks!
  11. This is BS, Geddy said on That Metal Show last night that the band will start rehearsing in April.
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