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ATTENTION ALL PLANETS: stoopid - Solar Federalist no. 391


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On behalf of the administrators of The Rush Forum, I hereby present the 391st Solar Federalist badge to stoopid...




stoopid, you have assumed control....




...of The Rush Forum's Solar Federalist badge no. 391...Congratulations!



Also, your badge has been added to the Hallowed Hall, and below is a mini-badge that you can add to your sig, if you wish. Congrats!


:rush: 2112badgeONLY_391.gif :rush:

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Congrats! And good luck with the new album.


As are undoubtedly aware, you now owe the other members of the hallowed hall one dollar. We'll individually pm you with Venmo info.

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This is so stoopidly stoopid! 

Welcome to the hall.  Beers to the left, BBQ to the right.   Have at it !

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