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The Unintentional Penis


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^^^ Strangely enough, this pic wouldn't have worked with one of the old 'Banana' style seats!


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Assuming that's in Asia, I'd bet what her shirt says has no meaning. Random English words are often splattered on t-shirts just like on this girl's...a combination of "English words look cool" and "a global community" as a marketing attempt.


Last week I was in the bed & bath type shop and saw a liquid hand soap dispenser that said "Scrub me. Let's take a bath" on the side of it. On the opposite side, there are baseball caps in Target & tattoo'd folks back in the states that have various Chinese characters/Japanese kanji on them which make absolutely no sense. Zero.


Ah well. Fashion. It doesn't need to make sense if it sells. :hail:



Ok, so back to penises!....

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:LOL: Iron Dick! :LOL:


I've seen this one before. Unfortunately, it's been debunked. :LOL:


And here Lucas has found the truth:


ok, I found it :LOL:http://i.imgur.com/ULUgMjO.png


Iron Man doesn't have "solid dick" roll off his tongue after all !

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You're mentioned in this ad!




(Beavis & Butthead voice) Huhhuhhuhuh... Wood... Huhhuhhuh.

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It sounds like some kind of feminist left-wing agenda...

As opposed to a masculinist right-wing day-timer?



I don't...know... (Shatner pause used)


Here's Kirk chowin' down on a space-penis - just for you! :cheers:



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